Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Book Review: Pharos by a Night Lord fan.

Last night I finished Pharos by Guy Haley. Book 34 in the Horus Heresy series. I don't read every title in the series anymore. I read the first 10 or so in a row and then started to pick and choose. But this one has Night Lords! Also, it is really the next in the story line of Unremembered Empire.

As a Night Lord fan and experienced reader of the series, I understood that to a degree my favorite legion would wear the black hats and be the nameless killed by the heroes of the story. You come to expect this when you read as a fan of the traitors. The Ultramarines killed at a 5 to 1 ratio because Ultramarines are the heroes we as the reader are supposed to support.

I feel the author does do fair justice to the 8th legion. Their interactions and plans are very characterful for Night Lords. I liked the split between the Night Lords who use terror as a weapon and those who just enjoy it. And the idea that there are some trying to hold the legion together while others just grab for power is very compelling.

Basically a group of Night Lords splintered off from the Thramas Crusade followed the beacon to the Ultramar system. They concoct a plan to lure in a ship to take. After their plan works their leader becomes infatuated with the idea of taking control of the Pharos, the alien technology that is allowing the Ultramarines communication in their realm despite the warp storms left by the Word Bearers attack.

Without spoiling too much, the story focuses on several characters. Some human, some Astartes and some Primarchs.  It really clips along nicely, never once was I bored as a reader. The high point being a confrontation between Konrad Curze and Sanguinius...

"You are a slave. A slave to Father's will, and a slave to fate. Our only choice is what manner of slavery we shall embrace, and even that choice is an illusion."

Curze is badass, by my count so far in the heresy he has fought; Corax (he ran away) Vulcan, The Lion several times (to mixed results) Almost killed Dorn, Guilliman and the Lion at the same time, and now Sanguinius. I don't think any other Primarch has been as active.

The book reveals some interesting things about Sanguinius I did not know...

All in all, a good Night Lord read, or if you are a loyalist fan you should enjoy it as well.

7/10 as a Horus Heresy book.


  1. Wow Curze gets around!

    Did you feel that there was character development?

    Was is plagued by bolter porn pages?

    1. There was slight development by the scouts but it mostly drove the overall story forward with plenty of bolter porn.