Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ground control to Major Tom

Finished my Master of Signals. In my opinion the most useful of the Consuls. I made him out of bits I had handy. I felt a Nostraman Chainglaive seemed wise, as he will forgo shooting to either fire the bombardment  or up a units BS by one. I usually deploy him with a basic Tac squad, and a Chainglaive adds a little close combat punch.

Some Consul types just seem unfluffy to me and I won't use them, the Chaplin comes to mind.  I just can't see the 8th Legion taking a Chaplin seriously. They aren't the most religious of legions. In fact, quite the opposite. My goal is to keep to what I think the Night Lords would have used.

Speaking of which, also on the hobby front, I painted Sevatar's gauntlets red. In my haste to get him done for our big game, I forgot to do that. D'oh.

Purchase wise, my Legiones Astartes Age of Darkness book came.

I must say a nice update for the Night Lords. Talent for murder now adds +1 to hit and +1 to wound. That means Sevatar (ws7) hits anything lower then that on a +2. If anyone fails a fear test, while outnumbered, Terror Squad hit on +2 with preferred enemy. That's a nice boost. Another upgrade is From the Shadows now confers every unit in the Night Lords army a +5 instead of the old +6. So when playing with Night Fight (stealth) to start a game, the whole army gets a +4 save on the first turn. I like that..

My only disappointment with the book is that it doesn't come with the new special character or the new rite of war. The book also doesn't come with Blood Angels, White Scars or Dark Angels rules. Apparently all of that is only in book 6 of the Horus Heresy. I did not know that before I got the book.