Sunday, August 23, 2015

The 4th Claw

The 4th Claw finished.
Hobby update... I recently finished my 3rd,10 man troop squad. The 4th Claw features 2 Plasma guns and the Champion has 2 Lightning Claws. Next in my cue is their Rhino, which will be my first with Night Lord doors and front from Forgeworld. It's primed and ready to paint. It looks very cool with the legion markings.

Why the 4th Claw? Well the 1st Claw are the Chosen. 2nd Claw is First Sergeant Klytus squad. 3rd Claw is run by Barin "The Undying".

The 4th Claw will have to get some game time before any possible name for the Champion can be earned. But I think it's a very cool model that I'm very happy with. His Lightning Claws are from the Raptor plastic kit, and his legs are actually from a Space Marine Devastator squad. I really like the pose.

No games played since Gen con. But I've ordered the bits for 30 Terror Squad members and a Lightning Strike Fighter. So the 30K end of the army is taking form. The Isstvan Campaign Legions book I bought at Gen con came in the mail. So I've been poring over that, as well as trying to finish Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeil.

Well, that's my immersion into the world of Warhammer 30/40K for now. Hopefully I can get some games in soon. Now that I have the books needed to play 30K, I'm going to work on a 2000pt. list that I'll post once I fine tune it. It will give you an idea of where my 30K Night Lords are headed. List building is another fun aspect of this multifaceted hobby that we love!

P.S. what do you think of the new layout? While I'll always be an Eldar player, this is my hobby blog and the VIII are on my mind these days.

Ave Dominus Nox.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Oh Summer, How I Will Miss You

Klytus, First Sergeant
Gen con just wrapped up and that usually indicates that summer is drawing to a close. It was another great time in Indy. I talked to the Forgeworld guys and bought the two red books required to field and play 30k armies. Purchased 2 Kheres Assault Cannons for my Night Lords Contemptor as well. A good haul!

Hobbywise, I'm putting the final touches on my 3rd, 10 marine troop squad. Some touch up on lightning, a little dry brush highlighting, then darken with a black wash and they are ready to be based. It's always exciting to get to the end of painting a unit. The feeling of accomplishment to see a job well done is one of the many perks of this hobby.

Once the Isstvan Campaign Legions book comes (they ran out at Gen con, so mine is being shipped) I will start to map out what I want for my 30k Legion. I already have the model for Curze and Sevatar. But I'm using restraint, I want to finish basic units I'll field in 30k and 40k first. Which means my 3rd Rhino comes next, followed by the Raptors.

My overall hobby goal is to build a full company of Night Lords, 3 troops based in 40k models and 3 troops based in Night Lords Terror Squad models. Once I have the Isstvan book, I'll be able to lay out the 30k army I want to play. I have the basic idea of what I want, just have to fine tune with the rules.

Continuing my character series, above is First Sergeant Klytus. He sports a Combi-Melta, and a Dark Angels power sword. He also dawns a hood, mocking the Dark Angels. My Night Lords display many influences from the Thramas Crusade, the 3 year diversionary mission designed by Horus to take the Dark Angels out of the fight.

I'm toying with the idea of making 30k versions of my 40k characters. Then I would play my company in both 30k times and 40k. I think it could show a cool evolution of my characters. Well, those are all future plans. Seeing a 30k version of Vigo (not yet the Carpathian) but Captain Vigo would be pretty cool!

Ave Dominus Nox