Saturday, October 11, 2014

These are the rumors I love to see!


Ohhh I can see myself buying both! Curze and Sevatar... drools...

Oh Forgeworld, you vile temptress... And the man, the myth, the legend.....
Konrad Curze
I wonder what his base looks like, sadly Mercy and Forgiveness (his claws) look a little underwhelming. Still, overall he looks fantastic! 

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Asdrubael Vect, troubling.

I love the Dark Eldar.
They were my first, the army I learned the game on. I guess that 3rd edition package with DE and Marines paid off. The guys who introduced me to 40k all played Marines, so I chose Dark Eldar. I loved their sinister persona and embraced it as I played. My long time friends know, on a +4 you were coming home with me. (early Dark Eldar had a prisoner rule, roll a dice when a unit was wiped out and on a +4 roll the unit was/were prisoners taken back to Commorragh.) Ha! my friend Tim even made a menial labor guard army that took all the glory away. On purpose I think... Good times. 

Give me a model!
Like any army, I delve into the rich story line that Games Workshop does right. At the top of the Dark Eldar story has been and always will be Asdrubael Vect. The Torturers Tale by Gav Thorpe was the first story I'd read. It was really good, a poor guardsman sat and listened to Vect tell the tale of the fall of the Eldar and how the dark kin survived. It was a great little read, I'm sad to report I tried to find a link to the story but all seem not to work. Anyway, it was the first real good piece of fluff.

Fast forward to the next codex, came the story The Rise of Vect. It was all a long time druchii fan could hope for. I thought the story of the Dark Eldar hit a new all time high. Gone was my beloved prisoner rule (damn it GW! I didn't even care about the victory point..) but overall I was very pleased. I used Vect very little as the years advanced, only on special occasions. I still have the slave models, unpainted. But he was the apex of DE models, an Abaddon or Eldrad.

Asdrubael Vect is not in the new codex. What?What? WHAT? Many internet sources report the same troubling news. Gone, for good? I dunno, maybe he shows up in a supplement.

I don't like the direction GW is taking with special characters. It seems they are being reduced in every codex that is now coming out. What I have read on the internets says it's due to lawyers and lawsuits and such. As a veteran gamer of 14 years, I've always considered SC's a chance to flex some conversion muscle. Games Workshop makes money off me because I buy models. I'll buy GW troops, heavies, elites, fast. sure. Even most of the HQ's But often, shhhhhh. I go outside GW and use models from another company as a SC, especially one with no  model. No amount of lawyer battles will stop me. All this removing beloved SC's will do is upset 40k's loyal base. We still buy most of your stuff, GW.

Control your brand GW, but don't forget who really gives you your profits. It's your veteran base. We are the ones who buy Forgeworld, read Black Library, and like to convert mini's. Removing the driving force (fluff wise) and greatest of the Dark Eldar was a big mistake. If he is hidden in some future supplement? He better be a new model and he better be fucking awesome. Commorragh is rumbling deeply right now.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

We have come for you...

Well it's been sometime since I last posted. August typically is a month I try to enjoy the last bits of summer until the cold creeps in. I haven't played many games, only 2 at Gen Con. And in truth I'm really focused on my Chaos army. Eldar are going to sit in stasis for bit, never gone for long but they are taking a break from action. I scored a Forgefiend from Gen Con, as well as the Kharn model from Forgeworld. My goal is to convert that model into a Khorne Chaos lord. Crom is being promoted! In truth I like the option of having the Bezerkers count as troops. This gives me tones of flexibility in my army make up as if Voltan is included in my list, Noise Marines are troops, or Crom then Bezerkers are troops. Either way, this army will be based around a lot of troops. A good thing in this world of objective based games.

A Night Lord champion with power weapon.
I've almost completed modeling for the Night Lords and painting is moving along. I just renewed my brush supply by throwing out some old brushes and I spent about 30$ on new ones from a local store called Artist and Display. New brushes really help the cause. I've completed a Rhino plus 2 troop squads numbering 10 each.

Here is a rundown of what I have modeled for the Night Lords to this point. I'll never say I'm done adding to the army, but I don't see it getting much bigger then this....

Night Lords

1 Chaos Lord - Vigo the Carpathian

10 man troop squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Melta guns, Champ with Combi Melta and Power weapon.

10 man troop squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Plasma guns, Champ with Powerfist.

10 man troop squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Melta guns, Champ with twin Lightning Claws.

10 man Chosen squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Melta guns, 2 twin Lightning Claws, Champ with twin Lightning Claws.

6 Atramentar: (terminators) 1 with Auto cannon + Power weapon, 1 with twin Lightning Claws, 1 with Powerfist + Combi Melta, 2 Chainfist + Combi Melta, 1 with Combi Melta + Power weapon.

2 Rhinos with Havoc Launcher.

6 man Havoc squad with 3 Las Cannons.

1 Predator with twin linked Las Cannon.

10 man Raptor squad with 2 Melta guns plus Champ with twin Lightning Claws.

2 Obliterators

1 Land Raider 2 Las Cannons 1 Heavy Bolter

Forgefiend with 2 Hades Auto Cannons

1 Vindicator 

1 Defiler

Combine this with my Lord + 30 Noise Marines and Lord + 20 Bezerkers and I think I have plenty of options for lists! Will this be all? Probably not, but it's a good start. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Purge the Alien?

My 5th game in 7th Edition came on the 4th of July ('Merica!) 2500pts Antaries vs. Guard (or Astra Militarum hehe). And for the first time in a one off game, I broke force organization from 3rd edition! In reading the rule book, you may have as many Combined Arms Detachments as you like so I took two. I don't post lists often, but as this is a first..

Hq- Farseer - rolled Guide/Doom/Eld. St./ Fortune

-- Warlock con/rev emp/en
-- Warlock con/rev emp/en 

T- 9 Dire Avengers + Exarch power weapon/Shield + Wave Serpent

T- 9 Dire Avengers + Exarch power weapon/Shield + Wave Serpent

Hv- Fire Prism

Hv- Fire Prism

Fst- 6 Warp Spiders + Exarch spinneret/Fast shot

El- 5 Wraithguard + Wave Serpent

Hq-Spiritseer - rolled Emp/En Des/Re Con/Rev

Detachment 2

Hq Farseer - rolled Guide/Ex/Doom/Mindwar

T- 15 Guardians + Brightlance

T- 15 Guardians + Brightlance

Hv- Fire Prism

Hv- Wraithlord BL/Sword

Fst - Nightwing 

2493 points

It's not terribly ugly, but it's loaded with killing power. 3 Fire Prism are no joke. There's plenty of Psychic power also with 2 Farseers 2 Warlocks and a Spiritseer. Also notice the Nightwing, most games I play now will include a flyer.
Joe's Guard deploy around the Stargate.
My friend Joe had a list that had plenty of armor, plus two Hydras. I figured my Nightwing wouldn't last too long. We rolled Purge the Alien for our mission. The Guard general battle plan was to walk his bullgryn line towards the Eldar, while advancing chimeras supported their advance. It was a solid plan, but the Eldar had something to say about how effective that plan would be.
Antaries deploy on cover as Guard would go first.
The game was a shooting gallery. Prism cannons, Brightlances, and the Wraithguard would dispatch many of the enemy vehicles. The Dire Avengers and Guardians laid low the ground forces. Having 2 Dooms in an Eldar army is always a nice treat. The Bulgryns had done Joe well in his first game against Chaos. They would not shine as brightly in this game. A sequence of Doom, Guide, Dire Avengers, and Guardians all combined would wipe them from the table.
Large, slow, monkeigh die just the same.

The game ended with about 2 Guard units plus some Psycher units surrounded by the Antaries. All their vehicles smoking husks. A very sound victory for the Eldar. Now will I play 2 combined arms again? Sure, but not with any frequency. Most of my lists will be one if I can help it. Being that my Eldar army is so large (over 8000pts painted now) I can make some nasty lists. Best save them for special occasions. I felt a little bad for Joe. I'm sure he's had enough of the Jink rule to last him. 

In other 7th edition news I purchased the objective cards from my local GW store. Very happy about that as I look forward to playing more games with them. I very much enjoyed my first experience with the cards vs. Marines Errant. The game was close and ever changing per turn.

Ave Dominus Nox!!

Meet Lord Vigo.
While my game play has been Eldar, my modeling and painting has been steady Night Lords. I've modeled 3 troop squads 10 men, a 10 man chosen squad, and a 6 man havoc squad. 6 terminators plus a chaos lord in terminator armor.

My Night Lords have a leader! Vigo the Carpathian. Wearing his terminator suit that once belonged to a Grey Knight. After finishing Aaron Dembski-Bowen's Night Lords omnibus I have a good grasp on their fluff and the Night Lords place in the 40k universe. I like the idea that the Traitors must loot and pillage for their supplies, which means looting the dead enemies they fight. Vigo continues my tradition of named characters taken from cheesy movies. He joins Crom, Vultan, and Captain Gordon. Joining Vigo in the picture are a few more troops I've finished lately. I can't wait to play them in a game, but won't until I can field a painted force. Till next time...

Monday, June 30, 2014

Tyranids, Flyers, and Tactical Objectives.

The Tyranid advance, some of those are a defense line.
Well, three more games in since last I posted. First, a battle with Stormcaller's Tyranids. Then a duel with the Marines Errant using the new Tactical Objectives. I played a multi-player game also, but it went until 5am and I actually don't remember who won. The fog of war hung heavy over that battle. Though, I can say the Psychic phase is odd when playing with 4 players.

It had been some time since I'd played against the bugs. I also had never played against a flying monstrous creature. In this game Stormy brought 4. Two Tyrants and two Harpies. Considering I have no skyfire weapons in my list, this doesn't bode well for Antaries. I have to hand it to Stormcaller, this list was very tough. The four flying baddies pressed the attack while his ground forces moved forward relatively unharmed. The creature who creates free gaunts outflanked while the one that burrows up did so. Basically my guns were rendered useless by flyers I could barely hit, a creature who burrows up from anywhere it likes, and a couple outflanking units.

I was forced to try tactics I barely used before, like firing the Wave Serpent shield at the flyers. This actually worked a bit taking 2 wounds off a Harpy turn 1. The bugs' Tyrants had twinlinked guns that fired a high volume of a strength high enough to glance Serpents to death. One lost 2 hull points turn 1.

The creature who arrived via tunnel killed 5 Dire Avengers turn 2. Anyone who questions giving Dire Avengers the +5 invulnerable save need only look at my last two reports to see it's value. The avengers are the backbone of my Eldar armies, that means they see every kind of nasty the enemy has.

Turn 3 saw the Dire Avengers lay waste to most of the outflanking gaunts as well as ones being pumped out. And the Avatar meet a group in the middle of the battle field. But, the Nids third turn included a Tyrant destroying a Wave Serpent and eliminating the Striking Scorpions. Eldar were dying faster then important bugs. This is a pretty bad omen for an Eldar player.

The Avatar stalls on these gaunts.
Turn 4 Eldar shooting managed to kill both Tyrants but this ends up being too little to late. In this game, much like my first in 7th edition, flyers killed way more Eldar then anything else. The game went 6 turns with the Tyranids taking it in convincing fashion. Congrats to Stormcaller, I was defeated soundly. The list was tough and the tactics sound. We have played many times over the years and I had gotten the better of him lately. I'm sure he enjoyed the win.

What did I learn?

I'm actually 4 games in to 7th Edition, flyers are a problem for me. My list building needs to include more air support. I have a Nightwing and a Crimson Hunter sits in it's box. While hobbywise, I'm loving Night Lords (Ave Dominus Nox!), very soon I will have to slot time to building that kit. My Night Lords will get a Heldrake also.

I had a thought, am I an old crusty player? Unwilling to change? Has the game moved to where I have to embrace flyers in 40k games?

I think so.
Would a Hunter and Nightwing have helped against this?

My list I joked, is force org legal in 3rd edition. Every list I have played is force org legal in 3rd edition let alone 7th. The Tyranids had 4 HQ in that game, using the 7th edition detachment rules. I think I have to look at my lists embracing this new system of picking your force. Now, I love playing with troops, and I don't see that changing in my Eldar, most of my units are Dire Avengers and Guardians. I am going to experiment with the detachment system and see what I come up with though.

Tactical Objectives

I had a chance to play with the T.O. cards, my friend and his Marines Errant came to play this weekend. I must say I found it a lot of fun. Both of us drew cards that did not apply to our game or were simply impossible to achieve, but we found no fault in that. The cards produced a dynamic and ever shifting game that we both enjoyed. Now GW, how about you print more so I can buy a set. It's too much paper work to play with using the book. Cards... print more..

You must hold objectives to gain cards, but the cards determine which objectives score points each turn. You also can discard one each turn. Use this to get rid of ones you can't complete. Our game went 12-9 Antaries. After all the years I've played I really appreciate a new way to spice up a game.

Sunday, June 1, 2014


Well a couple things happened when I played my friend Mike and his Word Bearers on Saturday. First, I played my first game in 7th edition. Second, my Eldar suffered their first defeat with their new codex. I'll start this report with a disclosure. When I do a battle report, I take a small notebook to write down the key moments of each turn, this time I didn't. Maybe I'm getting old, but it's hard to remember the action completely a day later! Also, while I have the new 7th edition tome, Mike does not. To get him to agree to a game in 7th I offered that I would guide him through the rules and changes. This further distracted me from any accurate notes on the turn by turn action of the game. So, unlike other battle reports I've posted on this blog, this one will be more a general summary.

Full disclosure- I became aware of at least one thing we did wrong. Perils of the Warp are caused on any double dice rolled when a player uses Demonology powers. We only did it on 6's as per the rules of most psychic disciplines. Eh, first try with new rules some mistakes will be made.

Word Bearer deployment
Mike's Word Bearers list consisted of 2 Sorcerers, 3 Troops of Marines plus 2 Rhinos , A Terminator guard for his Warlord, a Forgefiend, 2 Maulerfiends, 2 Heldrakes.

Antaries came to the table with 1 Farseer, 2 Warlocks, 1 Spiritseer, 2 Dire Avengers plus Wave Serpents, 2 Guardian Squads, 1 Nightwing, 1 squad of Dark Reapers, 1 Fire Prism, and 7 Warpspiders.

I don't have the Tactical Objectives card set yet (they were sold out when I purchased my rulebook) so we rolled on the basic mission table. After dice rolls, Dawn of War deployment and the Crusade mission would be the game we played. I often find keeping it simple for the first time with new rules is a wise idea. Word Bearers would deploy first and per the rules they would choose to have the first turn also. We rolled 4
Eldar deployment
objectives that would be worth 3 victory points each. Also in play were the First Blood, Slay the Warlord, and Line Breaker. The mission also had a Night fight roll which was achieved. Turn 1 would be fought at night.

Unable to seize I was happy my Eldar largely deployed in cover. That, combined with the Steath each unit receives meant Eldar casualties on the first turn were fairly minimal. Only a few Guardians were pulled due to Forgefiend fire.
A look at the battlefield post deployment
In our first ever Psychic phase, it became clear to me that I was best served saving my deny dice for summoning powers. That said, rolling 6's is a requirement to deny summons. Something I would sorely lack all game long. It mostly seemed I was one 6 short on most rolls, unfortunate. Side note on terrain- we simply called our tree bases Twisted Corpse from the rule book. So in a way there are rules for forests.

The Eldar first turn was eventful enough to produce First Blood. Plus peck some wounds off the Maulerfiends I knew I would eventually have to face. The Word Bearer turn 2 saw the arrival of the 2 Heldrakes. Ugh. My Eldar, especially the Guardians, rely on cover saves. Two ap3 flamer templates falling on Dark Reapers and Artisans and Craftsmen did not feel good. I really have grown to dislike Heldrakes. Even after their FAQ, they fly on the table so you can't stop their initial attack. Then they lay a template that ignores cover, is ap3, and does not scatter.

Death awaits the Eldar with nasty big, pointy teeth.
Undaunted I kept with my battle plan, My big guns tend to focus on taking out transports and units that move at speeds beyond 6in basic movement. My infantry Eldar pepper the ground forces with Shuriken fire, using Battle Focus to out maneuver the slower enemy. I've noticed something already in 7th edition and that is the damage table for vehicles. The changing of the table means its much harder to "one shot" any vehicle on the table. This hurts me. And anything ap3 or higher, cannot "one shot" because Explodes! is now 7.

Summoning was starting to take it's toll. The psychic phase was basically each force doing what it wanted, I don't remember too many spells denied. I think one per side was nullified. I took two Perils of the Warp, using the Ghosthelm on one. (The other I had no charge dice left to use)

The tactical problem with summoned units is they take up resources to deal with. Especially when a Blood Thirster shows up. I faced Bloodletters, 6 Bloodcrushers, and the Blood Thirster. Lucky for me two units had a Deepstrike mishap. Sadly both were only put back in reserve. I would forget that later in the game as they came on the board edge where Warpspiders were lurking. I'm not crying that Summoning is broken. Not at all, and never after just one game. It sure is something new to deal with. Lets be honest, the game becomes 1850 (non summoner) vs. ? for the summoner. I don't know point costs of Daemons but I'd gather I faced around +500pts. in that game. Some may say the answer is "you can summon too" well... they aren't Eldar players. Or they aren't real Eldar players. I love the storyline GW has created around the game. I've read plenty of the books. Eldar won't even travel by warp. (If you want to read about the one time they did, read Farseer by William King) Never.NEVER will Antaries Eldar summon the foul creatures of the warp.

Not a good position for the Fire Prism.
For the first time in a long time. Something found a Fire Prism in HtH. This was partially my stupidity for not moving it earlier and partially because weapons needed to be allocated to killing daemons, a Maulerfiend crushed the Fire Prism. I did have one great success in this game, Witch staff and blades vs. Mauler and Forgefiends. I killed two that way, not bad.
The Spiritseer takes the Mauler down to 1 hull point.

The Farseer dispatches the last of the Bloodletters.
As the game went on the Eldar forces started to wither away. Chaos was losing models too but not at the same rate and they were constantly being reinforced. I knew by the end of turn 4 that things were starting to look bad. I hoped for a roll that would end the game early. I still had second player turn which was always helps in an objective game. Plus, my force was well built with four troop choices.
By turn five, the Heldrakes still reined fire down on Antaries forces. Word Bearers controlled the objective in the ruins. The Forgefiend controlled one of the objectives near the center of the table. The far left was uncontrolled, and the far right in Antaries hands. This game was still anyone's for the taking.

The Word Bearers made a mistake and though they could have secured the far left objective, they did not as the Word Bearer Warlord and his Terminators moved against Eldar forces instead. This left me an opening and while the Eldar Warlord Farseer took down the Forgefiend with the help of a Warlock, I move my last Warpspider into the Chaos deployment zone. I have the far right objective. Game ends now its 8 to 3 Antaries. Nope, I'd rolled 1's and 2's plenty but not when I needed one.

Dire Avengers hold the objective barely...
Turn six meant Word Bearers had another turn to remove the Eldar from the objectives they held. Antaries lost one, but in my turn I secured one from the Terminators. Again if the game ends, Eldar win it 7 to 3. Nope... We decided to end the game despite the impending turn 7. Word Bearer victory. My hats off to Mike, he played a good game with a tough list.

The game took about 5 hours, longer then normal but I'd account plenty of that to new rulesitis. Several things we needed to look up and we missed the doubles on perils for Deamonology powers. My charge dice actually outnumbered his but I just couldn't get the 6's needed. In the future I think focusing more resources on killing the Sorcerers to stop the tide of daemons. Also I'll consider giving a Farseer Sanctic powers. Heldrakes? maybe more Dire Avengers and less Guardians because of the invulnerable saves over cover. Maybe my Nightwing will have better luck. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

In the grim darkness of the far future, there is 7th edition

So the future is now,
7th edition of the game we love is upon us! I spent my Saturday dorking out with my newly purchased rule book and it's complement books. I start this review with a caveat, I have not played a game. What I did do is spend my Saturday night reading the rule portion of the books. Being that I've played since 3rd edition, I do have some experience behind my opinions I with share. But ultimately, you learn much more by playing actual games. So I reserve the right to change my mind on anything I type here!

The Package

The rules now come in a package that actually contains 3 books. The rules, an introduction to the models and armies, jammed with pictures, and the story line or fluff. This is a lovely idea! I won't have to carry that
85$ but worth it, I think
heavy rule book around with me as I travel to friend's homes or events. More room for beer, yea! I still like to read the story line and look at excellent pictures of models for inspiration, but I can leave those at home when I travel the universe for games. Every edition I owned before this one, all of them very heavy to lug around, basically because the Fluff, pictures and rules were all in one book.

All three are quality hardcovers. Loaded with color images and illustrations. I'll admit, I haven't read the story line book yet. I will but lets be honest, after some 14 years in the hobby, I've read the fluff many times over. I wanted to crack into the rules! My first viewing actually went to the picture book. It's what we are use to, the army introduction portion of the rule book. Each faction is introduced, along with nice full color images of painted models. Many of those are armies we have seen before like the yellow Iyandan army seen in many White dwarfs and the Apoc. book. GW tends to focus on the newer models in each army and that is fine by me. I'm unlikely to ever buy a box of guardsmen, it's nice to look at the new models each army has received. This book is also where the advertising is, paints, books ect. If I were new to the hobby, the picture heavy book would suck me right in. Well done GW.

The Rules

The rules book portion of the 7th edition package is very well organized. It clearly is intended to be picked up when needed and riffled through using the page numbers (now located on the upper right hand side) to find what you are looking for quickly. There is a fine summery located in the back. For the most part the organization of the information makes sense. For now (you never know what game situation could come up) everything seems well worded and concise. I will say for the most part, they didn't reinvent the wheel here. Most of the groundwork laid by 6th edition is here.

The largest change occurs in the Psychic phase. Now there is a Psychic phase. Right after a players movement phase. The way you cast and deny the witch is very different. Each player earns a pool of dice equal to a d6 (rolled by the player whose turn it is) plus the mastery levels added up of all your Psychers in your army. So if you have a lot of Psychers in your army you get a lot of dice. The owning player must roll +4's to equal the warp charge for success. The opposing player must roll +6's equaling all successful +4's to deny the power. I think this sounds very cool. It forces both players to decide how many dice to pull for each power cast. I really don't care if it comes from fantasy, it sounds interesting. I look forward to seeing how it plays.

This guy only got better in 7th edition
I've found other interesting psychic changes like to Focused Witch Fire. Mind War became useful again. In 6th edition, a player needed to roll 7 or lower (I think?) on the leadership test to actually choose the model who would be effected by the power. This didn't happen often. Now to cast Mind War for example, you need only one +4 (success) more then the warp charge. So Mind War (warp charge 2) needs three +4's to hit the model desired. Very much an improvement.

In 6th edition, I didn't mix my psychic disciplines. I used Runes of Fate for all Farseers and Runes of Battle for all Warlocks. Now in 7th I am rewarded for this! If you choose all your powers from one discipline you receive the Primaris power free! Even Warlocks (mastery level 1). So Warlocks all have two powers from Runes of Battle, the Primaris and the power rolled. Very cool. There are is a new discipline called Deamonology, it includes a summoning ability that is the Primaris power. I can say without doubt, Antaries will not be summoning any Chaos Daemons. Just like ramming with a skimmer, I just refuse to do it because it's so very un-Eldar.

Objectives, Force Org...ect.

Probably the change I've seen most talked about is Unbound vs. Battle forged lists. An Unbound list is.. what ever the heck you want. Does that mean my army of 54 Eldrads can be released? Well no luckily. Named characters are still named. Only one Karandras per game. Good. But, unbound can be anything else. So I can make a list that is all Eldar skimmers. Nothing but Fire Prism, Wave serpents, Falcons. An Eldar armor company! Now, I wouldn't bring this list to an off game with a friend. But if say.. a guard player wanted to test his armor against mine, and we set it up ahead of time, we can do it in 7th Edition.

All units (other those those with rules like scarabs or nurglings) now count as scoring units. But here's the counter, Battle forged lists, their troops get a rule called Objective secured. It allows them to overrule an elite or HQ holding an objective. If both units have the rule, it is contested. What all this means is in a typical mission based game of 40k, you still need troops to win. Bring on your Unbound list, my balanced, Dire Avenger heavy, Eldar will likely take the day.

Here's what I think about all that as a vet. All this inclusion is cool. Here's what I'm going to do, in a friendly one off 1500-2000pts game. I'm taking my Battle forged lists every time. I'll follow the old force org, basically. My crew though, can get inventive, and if it calls a four player game with story driven theme. I can do that now. During our one a year Big game, our credo has always been "bring the cheese".

You are a jackass if you bring a Titan to a game with an opponent who doesn't know about it beforehand.

The missions and mission cards are very cool. GW has expanded the way we can play a one v one game very nicely. I won't go into full detail here, but there are a good set of rules to keep a 14yr. vet of the game enjoying a simple 1500pt rolled mission game in a whole new way. Kudos GW. 

- Night fight is much better. All units just have stealth. No more range involved. 4+ first turn only.

- Jink is interesting. it's declared by the owner for a +4 cover save. Unit can only snap fire next turn. If you use it you take a penalty, cool. I'll have to think it over before a Fire Prism uses a jink.

- Guns in a unit are fired kinda like int. order in assault. So if I have a squad of Night lords, I would conduct the shooting phase as follows.. fire the bolters/opponent saves, fire the Melta guns/wound/save, fire the pistol wound roll then saves by opponent. This might seem a little confusing but it's not really. Different weapon types will wound in different order. So you can fire your bolters first to say, hopefully kill some basic troops in front of a Powerfist. Then use the Melta to kill him. There is a sequence in shooting now. That helps the tactical mind.

- I like that most of the rules are in the book, super heavy damage table, rules for D weapons, ect.. If you are playing in an apocalypse game, everything is in one book.

I'm pretty happy with what GW did. I'm excited to play games. I'm not a tournament player. I'm more a forge the narrative type player, drinking a beer as we forge away. Long live 7th edition! How about at least three years..


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ave Dominus Nox!

It's been a while since the big game. I've played Eldar to about 30-0 before I decided to put them into stasis for a bit. Not long, with 7th Edition of the game upon us, Antaries will be back soon. My Chaos war band has been my focus the last two months. It's a combination of Noise Marines, Bezerkers, and Chaos Marines.

Chaos has, for a long time, been my secondary army. I've modeled about 3500pts. For a while now Night lords have been my favorite traitor legion. I love their colors, the lightning, skulls, red gauntlets..The author Aaron Dembski-Bowen has been the best contributor to Night lords storyline. I find it the most interesting of the legions.

The sons of Konrad Curze do not worship Chaos gods specifically. They look down on the more feverish followers of the ruinous powers. This means no marks or possessed. I also plan on using the Night lords red gauntlets. When a Night lord has failed or betrayed the leader, they are ordered to paint their gauntlets red showing that they are marked for death. A death chosen at the time of the lords choosing. Why execute a perfectly good soldier? Another interesting element of the Night lords is that they don't really follow anyone but themselves. They valued following Horus as much as they valued the Emperor. Which was... well not at all. I always try to role play my games a bit to add to the fun. The Night lords have always had some psychic ability, Curze, Sevatar, Talos, so it's possible my unknown Chaos lord might be based off a sorcerer. For the moment the Night lords faction of my war band are content to share the spoils with Voltan of the Emperor's Children and Crom of the World Eaters.

I'm just working on basic troops for now. Here are a few finished
Game play wise I want a close assault force. My chaos army will be geared to fighting in close. Plenty of Melta guns and every trooper has modeled a cc, pistol and bolter. My Chosen squad has 3 members with 2 Lightning Claws. To honor Curze, there will be plenty of Night lords with two claws. My Eldar largely fight a ranged battle, I want this army to be best up close and personal.

I've played 2 games so far, lost one pretty badly to the Orks and a close loss, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Flesh Tearers vs. My Chaos and Guard. To be honest I was very happy to lose. It had been awhile. 

7th Edition

By now you've read some rumors on what's next for us in the 40k game. I was a big fan of 6th edition, I loved the direction it took the game. From true line of sight, to things like restricting transport movement if you want to disembark. It was a good edition. I'm not really going to react till I read the full rule book, but I think some of the changes like the Psychic phase sound interesting.

I am inclined to think this edition will ask us to police ourselves as gamers. The options that GW seem to be offering seem quite nasty, like an unbound list. Me? I'm going to keep modeling and painting Night lord troops, because I like skirmish, and I'm going to fire bolters. I'll post a full review once I have the tome in hand till then.... DEATH TO THE FALSE EMPEROR!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Big Game 2014

The overall battle field.
Well the D-Company big game was last weekend. That's our giant Apocalypse game were we rent out a hotel conference room and roll many dice. I took my Eldar of course. About 6500pts.

I was deployed in the city along with another Eldar player. We had forces of Chaos across from us in the Space Port and more Chaos to my right. With Chaos forces on two sides there was plenty of action!

The battle field was broken up into three basic areas. Those included the jungle, city, and the beach. Imperials vs. Orks took place on the beach. Chaos vs. Imperial plus Eldar in the city. And Chaos Nurgle armies fought against Tyranids and Marines in the jungle. (yes Tyranids is odd, but these things happen in a big game. We want everyone to play the army they want to bring which makes some interesting parings.)

Dark Reapers survey from atop a building.
Imperials/Eldar deployed first, Chaos would get the first turn. One joy of fighting in the city was the very tall buildings one could deploy in and have very nice fire positions. My Dark Reapers fired missles down on the Chaos forces from atop a building all game long. The Exarch even managed a  hit on a Chaos flyer. When we set up a Big Game the terrain must be above the quality we would normally use in a one off 2000pt. game. This game was no exception.

Early Eldar deployment.
Karandras, the Phoenix Lord of the Striking Scorpions, and a squad of his aspect infiltrated close to the Chaos line. Most of the Eldar starting force deployed in cover or out of line of sight of the Chaos forces that were stationed on the Space Port. The Farseers had directed well as very few Antaries died in the early barrage from the enemy.

A daring deep strike!
One of my early moves was a deep strike of the Autarch and a squad of Warp Spiders who landed right in the middle of the Chaos deployment zone in the Space Port. They destroyed a Basilisk in their first shooting volley.

Normally I don't make such rash moves. Eldar are a dying race of course. But it's the Big Game! and time to throw caution to the wind!! After hitting a target the squad was fired on by many Chaos units. Killing all but one Spider and the Autarch.

A moment of glory for the Autarch.
Here you see a view of the Chaos forces in the Space Port. Behind them landed the White Scars and Death Wing. Most players faced two enemy forces. Which was a excellent way to insure that there would be lots of great fighting during the game.

You see the Autach off in the distance, right in the heart of the enemy. He took down many Chaos guardsmen before he died. Glorious! One of the best parts of huge games is individual model glory.

All that time Karandras and his squad inched closer to their goal. The mighty lord Zhufor the Impaler and his body guard of Terminators. The two forces met somewhere around turn 3. A challenge was issued by Zhufor and of course Karandras was eager to meet him. The mighty Phoenix Lord won the challenge easy removing Zhufor's head before he ever even got to strike. The Scorpions and their master then destroyed the rest of the body guard and proceeded to roll of the Chaos flank dispatching two more squads of Chaos in their time during the game.
Two mighty warriors meet!
Meanwhile, on the other Eldar flank... The Revenant Titan had landed firing it's Pulsars into the Night Lords army that was farther down to the right in the city deployment. The Night Lords fought directly with Blood Angels. The Revenant took out several traitor guard tanks who had been hounding the Blood Angels. It would then use it's jump jets to enguage the Iron Warrior Titan which had unloaded it's firepower on the Eldar. But Chaos had it's own daring big game moves, several squads deep struck behind and unloaded into the Revenant. Holo-fields saved several Melta shots but a few made it through the shifting images. In two different turns a total of four squads attempted to destroy the Eldar Titan. They were only successful in bringing the Eldar war machine down to five structure points in the game.
Chaos tries to slow the Eldar Titan.
The war started to pick up between the Eldar and the Night Lords. As both forces brought reserves in and launched flyers against each other. A Wraithlord and the Avatar closed in while Fire Dragons dumped out of their Falcon tank to destroy yet another Chaos tank with their Fusion Guns.
The battle rages between Chaos and the Eldar.
Meanwhile the combined Eldar forces along with some Deathwing help destroyed the Iron Warrior Titan! 12 Void shields and 12 structure points fell in two turns of shooting. The fight against the Chaos in the Space port was going well. The Warlord Asurmen used his finest hour as he avoided death to Titan guns and he plus a Squad of Dire Avengers laid waste to any enemy who dared come into fire range.

At this point, the Eldar look strong.
Wraithguard take out the Hydra.
At this point things looked good. Antaries was pressing an attack against the Night Lords and Word Bearers who had now joined the fight. All while Karandras and his Scorpions continued to slaughter anything within charge range against the Space Port Chaos forces.

Even the Wraithguard  and their Spiritseer get in on the action. Their strength 10 cannons hit and destroy the three headed Hydra with some lucky 6's. As this was a new model made by the Word Bearer player and had done plenty of damage, I was happy to see it fall.

By now, it was late in the game. Approaching 1am in the morning. Much was the fog of war (ie. several Guiness had been consumed by this Antaries general.) We would have one final turn to claim objectives. Ryssyl the grand Farseer of Antaries finally deployed from her Falcon, along with a Warlock body guard to claim a late objective. While the Eldar themselves did very well. (my casualty count was around 26 models and no vehicles. Possibly an Apocalypse record??) The Chaos team, helped greatly by the Ork crushing victory over the guard, won the overall game.  

This objective belongs to Antaries!
It doesn't matter to me who wins the Big Game. It's about fielding giant forces, using models you wouldn't use in a regular game, like the Revenant and Phoenix Lords. And seeing my friends who come from all over to play and drink and laugh and yell. It's about painted armies and beautiful terrain. It's really all about fun.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eldar vs. Chaos Battle Report

+++++++Incoming coded transmission++++++++++
+++++++Inquisition eyes only-reception Inquisitor Czevak+++++++

Sir, Imperial probes in the Eastern Provence recorded this incident. I thought it prudent to compile the images and send them directly to you. The noted Craftworld Antaries met with Craftworld Balamb, the topics of said conversation are unknown. The meeting was interrupted by Chaos forces lead by Zhufor the Impaler, former Sargent of the Storm Lords taken by World Eaters in the sacking of Paramar. 
Video capture of Lord Zhufor
+++++++Cross reference+++++++ Zhufor the Impaler- Butcher of Vraks-Skulltakers.+++++++
+++++++Reference Craftworld Balamb+++++++ No data+++++++

The Mission was Eldar forces meeting is ambushed by Chaos. 3000pts. Antaries (1500pts.) Balamb (1500pts.) vs. Chaos (3000pts.) Killpoints, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker.

Eldar deploy first, then Chaos, Chaos gets first turn if seize the initiative is not rolled (hint hint)

Deployment. I thought it best to include as many pertinent images as possible, Lord. Displayed here is a vid-capture of the Eldar forces before the ambush. The Imperial records of Antaries are well known of course, though Balamb is an unrecorded Craftworld. This image gives a clue as to the capabilities of
Eldar meeting
Chaos forces lead by Lord Zhufor approach with stealth from the west. It is unknown to me how the Chaos force was able to make it so close to the Eldar meeting place before being detected. ++++++Inquisitor note It is not for lowly tech adepts to speculate on Chaos tactics, recommend punishment+++++++
Chaos Forces move in
Turn 1) Eldar seize the initiative and take the first turn. The surprise and stealth Zhurfor used seemed to last only for a short time. The Eldar forces turned quickly and with a fluid nature I have never seen, enguaged the forces of the traitors. Balamb forces move quickly to destroy the Land Raider that transported Zhufor and his guard of Terminators. Balamb Guardians score a direct hit with their Brightlance platform on Rhino. The
Video capture of Land Raider destruction
Fire Prism of Antaries make destroys a second Rhino, and a Brightlance from an Antaries Wave Serpent quickly took out a Helbrute sporting a Plasma weapon. The probe images and video provided detailed evidence of how quickly the Eldar struck with great precision.

+++++++Inquisitor note, Antaries and Balamb employ the same tactics, destroy the enemy transport ability first. Did they coordinate during the battle or do Eldar all employ the same tactics?? 

Chaos turn 1) The Traitor named the Impaler was forced (by the Eldar or Khorne?) to advance with all his ground units which included: several spawn, the Rhinos that remained, and Chaos Marines. It is this adept's opinion that Zhufor allied with Iron Warrior Warpsmiths. Several encounters between the Iron Warriors and Antaries have been cataloged into the database as of late. It is possible the Iron Warriors failed to stop the two Craftworlds from meeting. Whatever the reason, the Chaos army had 2 Vindicators, Predator, 2 Helbrutes, many Iron Warrior Marines. Demolisher Cannons thundered upon the Eldar forces killing a squad of Balamb Wraithguard down to 1 and 4 Antaries Guardians plus their Brighlance platform. Heavy Bolters peppered a Ranger squad inside a ruin that was somehow altered by Chaos to provide a weaker cover.
+++++++Inquisitor note, This ability to weaken cover terrain has been attributed to Zhufor the Impaler.
Direct Demolisher hit on the Balamb Wraithguard
Eldar turn 2) The Eldar are quick to recover from the barrage. A Balamb Craftworld Falcon and Wave Serpent combine fire to destroy another Chaos Rhino. While an Antaries Vyper and Wave Serpent do in another. The second Antaries Wave Serpent takes down a Helbrute. The Eldar of the older Craftworld are not finished as their Fire Prism fires a intense beam that destroys the Chaos Predator. The Striking Scorpions of Balamb move from their forested position to engage 5 Chaos Spawn in hand to hand combat. Scorpions manage to kill 4 of the foul beasts, only losing 1 of their number.

Fire Prism takes out the Predator
Chaos turn 2) Chaos responds by deep striking 2 sets of two Obliterators. By the Emperor, one squad was destroyed. The other lands close to the Antaries lines. Zhufor's forces advance on the Balamb battle group, a
suspected Iron Warriors advance
Vindicator destroys the Falcon. Chaos forces, lead by a Warpsmith, meet the Balamb Wraithlord and a Melta shot hits home on the construct. The Obliterators that landed, did so near the Vyper of the Antaries. They destroyed it easily, killing 3 Guardians in the process. On the Antaries side of the city, the Chaos forces were thinning. The Impaler seemed to care little for the overall result, as he and his Terminators charged into the combat between the remaining Spawn and the Scorpions.

In a duel of some proportions, The Impaler bellows at the Exarch of the Scorpians and then removes his head from his body. The exotic weapon known as the Mandiblaster fells one of the Terminator body guard. The remaining take down 3 Scorpions The Spawn is cut down by Chainswords at about the same time. Video confirms that the hand to hand combat continued.
Warpsmith leads his unit at the Wraithlord
Eldar turn 3) The next move the Eldar make is to deepstrike Warp Spiders behind one of the Vindicators. They quickly destroy it and warp back to cover. The Antaries Fire Prism turns its cursed weapon on the group the Warpsmith had assembled. Inaccurate targeting meant only 3 Chaos Marines were killed. But the
Balamb Guardians along with Dire Avengers fire their catapults at the Chaos Marines killing many. The Obliterators, who had landed earlier, were quickly laid low by Star Cannon fire from the Warwalkers. It was then that the lone remaining Wraithguard fired its archaic weapon vaporizing a Iron Warrior with a Meltagun. Antaries seemed to sense victory because one of their Wave Serpent transports moved up and unloaded it's cargo, A full Dire Avenger squad. With some sort of battle focus the unit moved in range and fired on an Iron Warriors squad in cover. Video would show 4 fall to Shuriken fire. The squad then broke and retreated. While Antaries was handling its side, The Wraithlord charged the Warpsmith and few remaining friends. The Wraithlord crushed the Warpsmith with a swing of its giant blade. Zhufor the Impaler would not be denied as he would win his combat but scream in rage as he watched his army falling back in full retreat. Though the probe shows blurred evidence, it appears the Skull Taker was dragged off by his forces. (Chaos concedes victory to the Eldar force

I mark this urgent for your eyes Inquisitor, my reasons two fold. First I believe prode X7632 has uncovered an undocumented Eldar Craftworld, second the appearance of Zhufor the Impaler. May the Emperor protect us. ~Tech Adept Gordon

+++++++Inquisitor note, as I always wonder with the Eldar. What are they up to? Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?

Monday, January 6, 2014

Spiritseer conversion

Completed is my conversion/kit bash of a Spiritseer. Kinda a funny story as to how it happened. I traveled twice, to my local GW store to buy a Spiritseer model. No sale! Both times I went, the store didn't have the model. By the second time, I just looked at the new Farseer model and decided because I liked the model so much and didn't actually need any more Farseers, I'd make it into a Spiritseer!

So the basis of my Spiritseer is the new Farseer model. I then added a Dark Eldar Wych head. I remembered the Wych sprue comes with a few wearing a full mask that seemed close enough to the actual Spiritseer model's head. To give the head a larger profile and thus fit the body in better, I added a Chaos Marine mane to the top. Finally, I used part of the Eldar statue bit that comes with Dire Avengers to create my Witch staff. All that was left was to paint it in the colors of my Craftworld. I am happy with it. Sometimes the simplest conversions are the best! I like it more then the real Spiritseer model, so I call that success.

Game wise, I've played several games since my last post. I crushed the Crimson Fists in my Nightwing's first game. The Nightwing did exactly what it was supposed to do and took out the Marine flyer. A new model was not shot down in it's first game!! Always nice. I played a tight game against a good guard player. Only a daring move by the Fire Dragons to dismount, shoot a Basilisk, and use Battle Focus to contest his objective won Antaries Craftworld the day. I am now some 15 games in with the new codex and have not lost a game.

The Big Game!

The Big Game is about a month away. That's D-Company's annual Apocalypse battle. I am allowed 6000pts. which I can do easy but I want some new toys! I've come up with storyline wise that Illic Nightspear will lead a scout force down to the city. He will then call the main Antaries force down to the planet. I would like the scout force to be Pathfiders, Vypers, Warwalkers, Flyers and the Hornet. This means Nightspear, two Warwalkers, and the Hornet all must be assembled and painted. Plenty of work to do. I'm currently finishing the Warwalkers, so I'm on a good pace.