Sunday, August 25, 2013

Update 8/25

 It has been awhile since I posted my codex review for Eldar. I've gotten several more games in. News flash.. I still love the new codex! I used the amazing combination of a Spiritseer and a Scorpion Squad in a game to make the Scorpions st5 with an armor save of +2. I bought a 3rd Fire Prism at Gen Con, love what the Prism cannon does now. I still have not lost a game.

Hobby wise I finished my Nightwing Flyer. I may still add some flavor to the base, but I'm happy with how it turned out. Next I'm working on the Spiritseer as I'm loving this guy as an HQ choice.

Now I have some true anti-air!

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Eldar Codex review... Conclusions

I have basically run through the units, powers, ect. of each Eldar unit in the new codex. Yes, you might notice some units like Harlequins were never covered. They remain largely unchanged. For my final installment of the review I will cover the book itself, GW's over all release, and then finish with some missed opportunities.

First my over all grade for the 6th Edition Eldar codex is a B+. Phil, Adam, and everyone involved did a fine job. As a long time player/collector of all things Eldar, I am very happy. Battle Focus is very entertaining to play with and very effective. The designers have given the Eldar a unique rule no other army has that fits their fluff and only adds to table top enjoyment (though maybe not for my opponents). With rules like Bladestorm or Monofilament (along with the long overdue bs4 for the whole army) the Eldar army is stronger then it was in 5th Edition. I have plenty of treats to keep me entertained on the table top for many years to come.

The book design itself - The book is beautiful. The new artwork, along with some art we have seen in the past is excellent. I like the hardcover format that the books have shifted over to, I have no problem paying more money for something high quality. I love the summery in the back, makes it easy to find the rule I need very quickly. The overall organization is very good, in the three games I have played so far, it never took me long to find the answer I needed. Good storyline for the most part...

GW's release - I will be buying the following: Wraithknight, at least one Crimson Hunter, a Hemlock Wraithfighter, and some Wraithguard that I will arm for Hth and a Spiritseer. I will even buy a Farseer, because I like the new model. (that will make Farseer number 8 I think I own) So will GW get more of my hard earned money! That is a good thing for GW. I even bought the White Dwarf with the Eldar release, just because.

Ok, if you have been reading my posts, you know I am largely very happy with this incarnation of Eldar in the 40k universe. So time to take off the gloves! What went wrong or was missed?

Storyline issues - I've read many Black Library books including Farseer, Shadow Point, Path of the Warrior, Fulgrim. I'm a fan of the story. A major shift occurred in 6th Edition, Allies! You should have seen my shock when my beloved Eldar were listed battle brothers to the Dark Kin. For those not familiar too much with the Fluff, this was a major shift! All of a sudden Eldar trust Dark Eldar? wow. why? how? A missed opportunity in the new book is no real explanation as to how this happened.. A cool-ass page or so could have been written (loved the rise of Vect story in the DE codex) with maybe a meeting of Vect and Eldrad. Some grand decision that all Eldar life was too valuable, and Eldar killing Eldar had to end or they were all doomed.( I dunno, I'm not a writer) I was really hoping for a good piece on it, no such luck. (I've already commented on Eldrad being alive)

Skyfire - I'm very disappointed in the lack of Skyfire options in the codex. My guess is this is purposeful so that Eldar players buy flyers. For game play purposes, this bothers me. I'm not a fan of flyers, I don't like what they do to the game dynamic.  I much prefer a (Rome Total War) situation, were one army deploys in an area, the other in an opposite area, and we clash somewhere in the middle. Flyers, Deepstrikers, they kinda break this mechanic. Basically I would have loved to see more basic Eldar units gain Flakk missle ability. Off hand, Falcons and Vypers, would have been a good start. Skyfire for all Dark Reapers would have been cool.. A Swooping Hawk ability to clamp Haywire grenades on to flyers would have rocked!!! Yes, yes you want me to buy the new flyer kit... I will, but I can say I will only deploy them when I feel my opponent will do the same, not out of any great desire to use flyers myself. I'm also not a big fan of taking a Aegis Defense Line. lol most of my Eldar never stand still during a game....

The release could have been.. well More! - How about a White Dwarf article on making Eldar themed Aegis Defense Lines or Landing Platforms, Eldar themed terrain?? How about a construction unique to the Eldar only?  Somewhere, codex or White Dwarf, pictures of great Eldar conversions or painted units from past Golden Demons... Give us modelers some inspiration! I just found the whole release, slightly underwhelming.

Well, that is that. I hope you have enjoyed my take on the new codex. I have yet to lose a game. I have a list of models to purchase. Enough typing, I'm going to do some modeling. ~Seti

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Eldar Codex review.. Vaul's work

For the next installment of my review, I will cover the vehicles Eldar use in battle. When I think of the models that made me fall in love with Eldar, first on the list is the Falcon variant. I own 3 Falcons, 2 Fire Prism, 3 Wave Serpents, and a Warp Hunter. (currently) The sleek look of their tanks sold me on that army. I remember looking through the 3rd edition rule book and reading the battle report between Gav Thorpe and Andy Chambers (I think it was Andy). I loved the Eldrad converted Farseer and the Falcon. While I was played Dark Eldar at the time, I knew some day I would have an Eldar army. Enough about aesthetics!! What has good ole GW done to my favorite toys?? Well.. of course every single vehicle unit who was bs3 is now bs4.

Wave Serpent - The main troop carrier of the Eldar is much improved. I think the protection and maneuverability of this vehicle is supreme. It does exactly what I want it to do, get it's cargo to the point on the battle field where I want it. The Serpent Shield is amazing, basically any pen that gets through the jink is a glance on a +2. Add a Holo-Field to improve the jink by +1 and you have one tough nut to crack. Using the 6ed rules this bad boy can fire two heavy weapons and still move 12in. Twin linked Bright Lance and Shuriken Cannon, plus a Holo-Field. (Seti grade: Drools..)

Falcon - Still as solid as it ever was, there is nothing wrong with an Eldar Falcon. The Laser Lock rule given to the Scatter Laser seems to fit this vehicle better then any other. Laser Lock is any successful role to hit with the Scatter Laser and the other weapons on the Falcon are twin linked! So the Pulse Laser and Snap firing Shuriken Cannon are twin linked. Rhinos have met there match. The Falcon is a fantastic enemy transport hunter, while mine often carries 6 Fire Dragons to let lose. My only wish is a flakk missle option would have been cool.. (Seti grade: very nice)

Fire Prism - Do you feel a sense of me saying everything is better then it was before? It's true! The Fire Prism is fantastic! Gone is the option to combine the beams, but new is the 3 stage Prism Cannon. Yup you have three choices on how to fire your main weapon, st. 5 ap3 large blast, st7 ap2 small blast, or st9 ap1 lance. Basically the Fire Prism is an all purpose killer. Battle Wagons, Land Raiders, Marines, terminators, you name it. Love this thing!! Crystal Target Matrix makes sense here. With it a vehicle can move flat out and fire one weapon at normal bs. once per game. Could be handy to have a Prism about 30in and fire it's Cannon at normal bs. (Seti grade: "Excellent" in a Mr. Burns voice)

Night Spinner -  Basically fires a monofilament large blast or template. A poor man's Warp Hunter. With the log jam of fantastic heavy support options, I find an Eldar player hard pressed to field one of these. Lucky my opponents pretty much have no problem with Forge World units. (Seti grade: meh)

Vyper - Is what it is, better with bs4 no doubt. Cheaper to add a Starcannon. Usually, I add fast attack at the end of my list building when I have extra points. Maybe another unit that could have gotten more exciting with a Skyfire option. (Seti grade: good enough)

War Walkers - Have battle focus and a +5 inv save. Not bad! Think Tau maneuvers for a second.. They are a unit with a Skyfire option! So you could take Flakk missles with them. Can you guide vehicles? I'm not sure in 6th edition... If you can a Flakk/Scatter Laser option might interest me. (Seti grade: nice)

Wraithlord - Yes I know not a vehicle, but I'm putting it in this part of the review. Gone is the Wraith sight rule. Good riddence! I forgot that rule so many times... The old Wraith Sword is now a Ghostglaive. Mastercrafted, +1 strength ap2. The Wraithlord lost 2pts of strength (before ghostglaive) gained +1 attack to it's profile, now 3. Still a lovely model. (Seti grade: just fine)

WraithKnight - The new toy. Basically a double Wraithlord. Twice the wounds and twice the points +1int. A fine looking model, I look forward to making and painting one. Use wise, I think larger battles is where I will use this toy.(3000pts or larger) My first thoughts on a build is Suncannon/shield/scatter/star. Guide and or Doom... That's a ton of ap2 twinlinkage. You have a choice between 2 Heavy Wraithcannons 36in st10 ap2 distort, or Suncannon 3 shot small blast st6 ap2. I'll add another 2 st6 ap2 shots with a shoulder mounted Starcannon, and hopefully twin link it all with the Scatter on the other shoulder. A nice centerpiece model for the army, I wonder if it is larger the my Revenant Titan... (Seti grade: impressive)

Hemlock Wraithfighter - An interesting little unit. This flyer seems to have a purpose causing fear. It fires two D-scythes st4 ap2, distort, templates. My latest game was against a Chaos player who used 2 heldrakes. They caused a lot of damage. Templates from the air, ignoring cover.. suck! I will  enjoy using some of my own. But back to fear, it has  pyschic power Terrify. The target unit within 24 inches loses fearless and all Eldar units count as having fear against it. Also the mindshock pod forces a reroll on successful moral or pinning tests of any enemy unit within 12 inches of the Hemlock. I will definitely explore one of these. I really like the model, wish it had a Holo-field. (Seti grade: seems cool)
--- After re-reading I realize Hemlocks get Heavy D-scythes, 18in st4 ap2 blast Distort, sigh... template would have been cool...
There you have it. Pretty much the Eldar have some very good, very interesting vehicle choices. As an player am I happy? Mostly yes. I'll give my final thoughts and cover some of the misses in the codex and my last post on the codex review next... till then thanks for reading.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Eldar Codex review... Aspects

So I've got 2 games under my belt now. You can read about the second on Boroth's

So back to the review and for this post I will cover the Aspects. For the most part, every Aspect got a little better. Some points costs changed, but I don't see that changing much how often I use my Craftworld's professional soldiers. The best analogy of the Eldar army I've heard is that they are a tool box, and have a tool to deal with any unit of any army. The job of Eldar commanders is to select the proper tools needed to win you the game. Nothing epitomizes this concept like the Aspect Warriors in the Eldar codex. What ever your battle field need, there is probably an Aspect who performs that role very well.

I included Dire Avengers in the troops section, so they won't be covered here.

Howling Banshees - I think many Eldar commanders have felt the Banshee Aspect has suffered in 40k editions ever since assault from transport went the way of the Squat. The Banshee +4 armor save combined with the classic t3 makes many in the Eldar family feel they won't get to their intended target. Sadly the new codex does nothing to help in this regard. Acrobatic rule adds to their run distance, but since you cannot charge after running, this does little to help their cause. The good news is the Exarch can take an ap2 +2st weapon. The Banshee mask provides -5int. But no Plasma Grenades?? I see the Banshee as a counter attack unit only. And for the most part I feel Harlequins preform the role better. Sadly, my opponents will see very few Banshee units ever on the table top. (Seti grade: disappointing)

Striking Scorpions - The Scorpion was, and still is my favorite Aspect unit. I love the beautiful models sculpted by Jes Goodwin. The Scorp, unlike it's sister the Banshee, preforms it's table role very well. Phil basically took the Exarch powers granted last edition and gave them to the unit. Fantastic! Infiltrate, move through cover, and stealth all come packaged. Plus after seeing Incubi get fleet, Scorps have it too. The Exarch weapons are largely improved. Chainsabres are now +1st. The claw is x2st. but not unwieldy! For years I used the Biting blade largely because I wouldn't arm an i6 model with a weapon that strikes at int1 (Seti grade: lovely)

Fire Dragons - I'm not sure why these guys have received generally poor reviews from other online reviewers. Yes they cost more, but with a +3 save now they are sure more durable. Add in Battle Focus and you have a pretty sweet unit. I've always felt a 6 man squad with a Falcon transport is a fine, and very useful unit to deploy with your army. I have only one small issue with their new look. The Fire Pike. It lost a point of strength so you are now paying 15pts. for a 18in. Fusion Gun. Not worth it in my opinion. I'll still use the Exarch (loves me some bs5) but will only equip it with it's standard Fusion Gun. (Seti grade: good)

Swooping Hawks - I like what the hawks can do. They are now the only "jump pack" unit in the Eldar codex. That said, I hate st3 guns. I learned the game on 3rd edition DE remember. I know st3 sucks compared to st4. I have a hard time using this unit for that simple reason. I'm sure they are effective. I think they need new models (especially after seeing the sweet Scourge models that the Dark kin get). I don't see myself buying any Swooping Hawks until a new model calls my name. (Seti grade: meh)

Warp Spiders - These guys are improved. Warp Spiders can move 6in.+ 2d6 in the movement phase or move normal as they are now "jet pack" so they get a 2d6 move in the assault phase. Er. BOLS people.. that ability to move normal is why they have Battle Focus... Their gun is great! The Monofilament rule means any roll of 6 to wound is ap1 and auto wound. Also any enemy unit int3 or worse hit by the Death spinner adds +1 strength to the weapon. Consider that "no ap" weapons are no longer a -1 on the vehicle damage table and ap1 is +2, these guys crack light armor very nicely. I don't quite understand the rapid fire choice for the Exarch's Spinneret Rifle, as the rest of the unit has assault. But that's minor compared to all that improved with this nasty little unit. ( Hey GW, I will buy a bunch more if you give us new models) (Seti grade: oh la la)

Shining Spears - I've never bought or used them. Just not a jetbike fan.

Crimson Hunter - Our anti-air flyer! It packs a punch with 2 Brightlances and a Pulse Laser. You can take an Exarch pilot. Vector dancer seems cool. But.... no vehicle upgrades and armor 10 mean this thing will get shot down pretty easy. Especially with the fact I'm seeing more defense lines used every game. The Model is very cool looking, yes I will buy and field a couple of these guys. (Seti grade: could be better, could be worse)

Dark Reapers - The Reapers are interesting. New to them is the option to take a st8 starshot missle. They also ignore jink with the Reaper Range finder. The Exarch can take the Eldar Missle Launcher, with Flakk missles if you like, so there is a skyfire option to the unit. Basically Reapers still take down power armor with their 2 shot st5 ap3 gun, but can also crack tanks or flyers. Any time you expand the type of units a particular unit can destroy you have improved it I say! They are also Slow and Purposeful now so they can move and fire their heavy weapons. Nice! (Seti grade: were good, now even better).

Like I've said for each section so far, largely I like what GW has done. Most of the Aspects are better then they were in the last edition of the codex. The Banshees need help though. I have one thought, allow them to assault after a run move. That would give them a special place in the army that Scorpions and Harlequins cannot fill. my 2 cents.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Game On!

Let's break from Codex reviews, meta-game, and what not. I played my first game! All the theory in the world doesn't replace actual games on the table. Eldar vs. Joe's Orks 2000pts. We rolled Emperor's Will for the game and Dawn of War for deployment. In Emperor's Will each side places an objective in their own deployment zone, the two forces fight to control one or both.

The list -

HQ - Farseer 100pts. Trait - With and eye on distant events, Guide, Death Mission, Eldrich Storm.

- Warlock Conceal/Reveal 35pts.
- Warlock Protect/Jinx 35pts.
- Warlock Destructor/Renewer 35pts.

T - 10 Guardian Defenders + Bright Lance 155pts.

T - 10 Guardian Defenders + Bright Lance 155pts.

T - 10 Guardian Defenders 135pts.

T - 9 Dire Avengers + Exarch Disarm 140pts.
Wave Serpent - Bright Lance, Cannon, Holo-Field, Spirit Stone 155pts.

T - 9 Dire Avengers + Exarch Disarm 140pts.
Wave Serpent - Bright Lance, Cannon, Holo-Field, Spirit Stone 155pts.

El - 9 Striking Scorpions + Exarch Claw/Crushing Blow 220pts.

El - 9 Striking Scorpions + Exarch Claw/Crushing Blow 220pts.

Hv - Fire Prism - Cannon, Holo-Field, Spirit Stone 160pts.

Hv - Fire Prism - Cannon, Holo-Field, Spirit Stone 160pts.


The Game went well, Fire Prism st.9 Lances took out both Ork Battle Wagons very quickly. This is a good thing as both contained Nob squads! Considering turn one was night fight, and by the end of turn 2 the Ork transports were dead, I would say the Eldar ability to kill vehicles is not diminished. I even heard Joe say " I don't know why I take vehicles against Eldar". hehe.

I would say Eldar psychic powers are a lot less reliable. My Conceal Warlock died to perils of the warp. I failed 2 other Warlock casting tests. The Farseer did fine. 24 inch Guide is very cool. Twice I guided Dire Avenger shooting (they were shooting at Nob squads) who were at least 18in. away from the Farseer. With the increased range of the powers you have the ability to effect a much wider range of units then in the last edition of the codex. Also, I found Eldrich Storm very useful. Flesh Bane/Haywire is very effective coming from a large blast template.

Battle Focus is fantastic. Every turn units were moving in, shooting, and then pulling back. 6th edition allows you to only disembark units from a transport if said transport moves 6in or less in the movement phase, a run roll(+ fleet) really helps extend the units fire range! I'll warn you this really extends the time of the Eldar phases (of course I was just getting used to the new rule) but Eldar turns seemed to take a lot longer then Ork phases. I saw immediately though how effective it is. While I didn't see great effects from the Bladestorm rule (largely because I was playing against Orks) The improved BS of Guardian units shined brightly. My Craftworld plumbers and leaf rakers are a much improved killing unit.

The game ended in a draw. Both armies held their own objective. But I'm pleased, I stopped cold the Ork advance with a combination of Fire Prism shots and Battle Focus units combining fire against the most threatening enemy units. Orks managed only two charges all game. Both being small in attacking numbers of models. Final thoughts....

- I tried to disarm the Ork Warboss of his powerclaw. It didn't work.

- Waveserpents don't need Spirit Stones, Holo-Field +1 jink and the Serpent Shield do just fine.

- I need to make more Guardians, lucky I have 20 more to model and paint (purchased at Rock-Con)

- 2 units of Striking Scorpions is probably too expensive now for a 2000pt. game.

- My first configuration of the Dire Avenger Exarch was to give him just Disarm Exarch power, and not bother to twin-link his Catapult or pay for any sword, ect. I actually placed him in the lead of the unit and used his +3 save until I failed it (no look out sir). I might keep doing this as it saved several Avengers from death.

- Over all my list was smaller in model count, and die a little easier with no guaranty of Fortune. But they hit like a ton of bricks if coordinated properly.

Am I happy with the way the army played in my first game, hell yes!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Eldar Codex review... Troops

For a long time, I've felt the health and longevity I will play a army is based on it's troops. Are there options as to how I can sculpt a unit? Or are there multiple units I can choose from to make up the base of my army? Are the models cool looking? I need diversity! I've been immersed in the 40k universe for 13 years now. I learned the game playing 3rd edition Dark Eldar, a year later Eldar, then I built a 4th edition Necron force of about 3500pts. The only army I still own from the early days is Eldar. I think my total points stand around 8000. Truth is I got bored with both DE and Necrons, because both (at the time) only had one troop choice. That means over countless games my tactics for DE and Necron games were always the same. (really the same for Necrons, DE  I did have a few tricks up my sleeve) One of the many reasons I love playing Eldar is their troops selections. I admit I employ the same philosophy in every game I play with Eldar, but the way I can do it game to game varies, thanks in part due to the troops selections.


Dire Avengers - Last edition they were my favorite troop choice. I don't see that changing much. Bladestorm is gone of course, but Battle Focus and semi-rend makes up for it I think. One thing that bothers me is, gone is the option to take 2 Catapults for the Exarch. That is now replaced by a twin linked Catapult. How does a twin linked weapon help a bs5 model? Yes, yes, re-roll should I be unlucky enough to roll a one.. and not be guided.... come on Phil!! (Seti grade: fair)

Guardians - The bump in bs I already mentioned. As did I discuss the improved Warlock powers. Gunners are gone. One Artisan and or craftsman fires the weapon platform with in 2 inches of it. That's kinda cool, no more picking off my gunner! The platform itself has a profile now, t5 1w +3 save. So you could put it in the lead should you not have a conceal Warlock with it. And you can take 2 platforms if you have a unit of 20.

Most online I've seen have written off the Storm Guardians, I'm not so sure. 2 models can have fusion guns or flamers, and 2 models can take a "power sword". I'm considering using the 6th edition "power weapon" rules to give them 2 "power axes" so I have a cheap unit that holds a couple ap2 weapons... see how they work. Only complaint is I wish Storm Guardians could take Haywire Grenades.. sigh. (Seti grade: improved)

Rangers - No more Pathfinder upgrade! (sob) No more ap1 shot with a wound roll of 6. but they are cheap as hell points wise. Expect to see a unit in almost all my lists. (Seti grade: fair)

Jetbikes - The Antaries Craftworld Eldar don't use jetbikes. They are cheaper. But,  refuse until new models are released by GW. (Seti grade: fuck the cone heads)

Wraithguard/Wraithblades - Are a troops option if you take a Spiritseer. (that's cool) Same profile st5 t6. D-Cannon is st 10 now with Distort rule (instant death/auto pen on a 6 to wound) They also can carry a  flamer called a D-Scythe instead, st4 ap2 with Distort rule.

Wraithblades are close combat Wraithguard. Same profile, but can take 2 swords ap3 or a +2 st ap2 unwieldy axe plus a forceshield +4 inv save. I like the new models and expect to make a unit with axe/shield to combat terminator squads or Nobs. (Seti grade: nice!)

If you count Storms as being separate from Defenders, Eldar have 7 troop different configurations. That's a very healthy variety! Troops are the back bone of a 6th edition army, and the Eldar codex provides a player with plenty of effective choices. Very well done on the whole.  Next the aspects..

Monday, June 3, 2013

Eldar Codex review continued...

HQ I'll continue the review with the remaining HQ choices for the Eldar. These would of course be the Phoenix Lords, Avatar, Autarch, and the named characters. Pretty much nothing radical happened here, but there are some some interesting changes to note.

Eldrad - The largest change to Eldrad is he isn't dead. It seams that the 13th Black Crusade didn't happen.. Huh? Anyway rant about the changes to story line are better left for some other post. Eldrad himself (I'm not dead yet) lost his ability to cast two of the same power in a turn and his staff of Ulthamar wounds on a +2 but is ap3. I was kinda hoping it would be ap2 but alas it is a force weapon. He is mastery level 4 so you have a good chance of scoring Doom with him, and can regain a warp charge after passing a Psychic test which is ok considering Fortune costs 2 warp charge. All in all not bad, it's Eldrad. (Seti grade: decent)

Avatar - The mighty Khaine is still a beast, he gained a wound to 5 and also 10 BS 10 I and his Wailing Doom is a ap1 weapon in HtH. He has all his tricks, like all Eldar within 12 inches are fearless. Interesting with BS 10 he rolls +2 to hit with his ap1 st8 12inch melta shot. and a +2 again if he missed. Basically your dice suck if you miss with his shooting attack. He can also choose from several Exarch powers. At 195 pts. he's a far cry from our 80pt Avatar back in 3rd edition, but he sure suits my cool Forgeworld model better these days. (Seti grade: content)

Autarch - Many of the reviews online I have seen say the Autarch is not worth taking. I think those people are simpleton thinkers. He's good, if you make him and use him right. A new feature I like is he adds +1 to reserve rolls or subtracts, giving you a better chance a unit you would like to sit a turn can do so (flyer?). Also new is the Autarch can choose from the Remnants of Glory list just like Farseers. So, if it interests you.. you can have an Autarch with the 120 inch ap3 sniper rifle and has Shrouded and Stealth, too bad he doesn't have infiltrate. My little warp jumping Fusion Gun at bs6 is even better with Battle Focus. (Seti grade: wide open)

Phoenix Lords - There aren't any huge changes to the way they play. I'm saddened to see their Aspects are not fearless anymore when they join their lord. Karandras is nasty. (Seti grade: most likely big games only)

Illic Nightspear - Never heard of him? That is because he is new. A Pathfider Phoenix Lord is kinda how I see him. Choosing him as HQ is the only way to upgrade Rangers to Pathfinders. (sob) But he's an HQ Eldar enemies are not going to like. Lets start with he can infiltrate anywhere on the table ignoring the enemy. Any Rangers or Pathfinders who out flank can deep strike around him with no scatter. He carries a power weapon and a ap2 sniper rifle that was the Distort rule, ie. a 6 to wound is instant death or a pen. to a vehicle. Oh.. all his shots are precision shots. And just for our Necron friends he has preferred enemy/hatred Necrons. (Seti grade: very cool, first new model I bought)

Price Yriel - The Iyanden savior is back, he's not my cup of tea. If I'm going to take an Autarch, I'll make my own thank you. Cool story line (Seti grade: meh)

On the whole, they didn't reinvent the wheel here, Nightspear will annoy some people as he picks off their characters.. Someday my Avatar will meet a Spiritseer. And I have intersting ideas about Autarchs and Remnants of Glory + wargear options. Some missed opportunities I think, but still very solid.

Next I'll tackle the troops....

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Eldar Codex review....

The new era of Eldar begins! For outsiders, I'll begin by saying, I'm not a tournament player. I'm a beer and pretzels player, who puts out a competitive list but is really at the game table to have a good time. I say this because I've seen a bunch of whining online, and frankly don't know what the heck they are talking about. Pfft.. bean counters....

I've played Eldar a long time now (since 3rd edition), and am pretty much known as D-Company's Eldar player. I think most of my opponents would say I am a very capable Eldar general. Enough about me, I just wanted to lay out the perspective that this review is coming from. I love the hobby and enjoy a good pitched battle.

Two biggest changes in rules

Battle Focus - Pretty much every Eldar infantry unit minus Wraith units have this. The unit can run then shoot or shoot then run. Consider that all these units also have fleet. I'll let that sink in... A unit of Dire Avengers and move 6 inches, fire Catapults, and use its run to move back up to d6 inches(fleet) or move 6 inches, run d6(fleet) and then shoot or disembark up to 6 inches from a Waveserpent, run d6(fleet) and then shoot. In the skirmish world that 6th edition lives in... I can see this being a huge advantage. Basically the Eldar can hover just on the edge of gun range, they can fire their weapons and then pull out of basic charge range. (Seti grade: very cool!)

Bladestorm - This isn't what you think it is anymore. The Exarch ability in the Dire Avengers is no more. Am I mad about that? No. Here is why. All Shuriken weapons (Cannon, Catapult, Pistol) now have the Bladestorm rule. Bladestorm now means on any roll of 6 to wound (yes Doom still exists) the shot auto-wounds infantry and is AP2. So even your basic artisans and craftsmen (ie. Guardians) can kill Terminators or a fricken Hive Tyrant! I've always said one of the Eldar's great gifts as an army is the number of AP2 or better weapons you can put into an Eldar list. Now there are even more! (Seti grade: Nasty!)

These two rules, are why I think the Guardians will make a comeback in Eldar lists across game tables in the 40k universe. Did I mention Eldar units are now BS 4 or better across the board? So the Guardians, Falcons, Vypers, Warwalkers, you name it all got a bump in BS.

The Psychers
Random generated powers are here to stay in 6th edition. I don't like it and many other Eldar players have echoed similar feelings, but it is what it is. So Farseers will now sit at home in their Craftworlds, eating bonbons, while useful units do the fighting. Not so fast! Lets look at what is really here.. A common Farseer under the old codex for me had Warding/Witnessing/Doom/Guide/Fortune and I believe came to about 175points. The new Farseer is mastery level 3, and costs 100pts. (psychic powers are now free rolls on the chart equal to the mastery level) Primaris power in the Runes of Fate (Farseer power table) is a 24in Guide, not bad it's a useful power. Since you have 3 rolls to get your powers, the chance of Doom is not bad. Even if a dice roll of 2 eludes you the new powers added aren't bad.

Executioner - focused witchfire, Fleshbane, targeted model takes 3 hits at st. 3, if it dies the power moves on to the next targeted model  (Seti grade: meh)

Doom - same power but now effects vehicles too, all failed armor pen roles against vehicle can be re-rolled! Why couldn't it have been the Primaris power??? (Seti grade: Awesome!)

Eldrich Storm - 24in shooting st3 ap- Haywire, Fleshbane, Large Blast, Pinning. Not bad, with Haywire it can take down vehicles now. (Seti grade: useable)

Death Mission - Farseer gains Fearless and Rampage also has +5 WS +5 BS +5I +2 Attacks. You kinda turn your Farseer into a crazed bezerker. Not a bad power if your Farseer is locked in a HtH you don't think it can win. (Seti grade: interesting)

Fortune - same as before but 24in range. Failed saves or Deny the Witch can be re-rolled (Seti grade: good)

Mindwar - Basically the same, 24in range. focused witchfire means that it may not hit the model you intend. (Seti Grade: meh)

Warlocks and Spiritseer
Both use the Runes of Battle table.

Spiritseer - Allows Wraithguard and Wraithblades as troops, level 2 Mastery.

Warlocks - Now taken as a HQ unit that does not effect force org. May be distributed to any Guardian unit. level Mastery 1. Yes, Warlocks have to test for their powers to work(bummer) and have no defense against a peril of the warp(really a bummer) No longer join Wraith units (kinda sucks). What makes up for all that is their table...

Runes of Battle - Each power has a Blessing or Malediction you may choose per turn to use.

Conceal/Reveal - Primaris, gives shrouded rule to user plus unit or target enemy loses shrouded and stealth. This is a slight upgrade to the +5 cover Conceal used to give, as in cover Guardians now get a +2 to their save. Or you can choose to take it away from an enemy. (Seti grade: nice!)

Destructor/Renewer - st5 ap4 soulblaze template or target one friendly unit within 18 inches, model of my choice regains 1 wound. Can you say Wraithlord??? (Seti grade: very cool)

Embolden/Horrify - psyker plus unit are fearless or target enemy within 18in is -3LD. (Seti grade: no bad)

Enhance/Drain - add +1 WS +1I to psyker plus unit or -1 WS -1I to enemy unit within 18 inches. (Seti grade: fair)

Protect/Jinx - The one that caught my eye.. psyker + unit have +1 armor save (armor save one better)or enemy unit within 18 inches has -1 armor save!(armor save one worse) I can see plenty of marine players upset when they're Terminators have a +3 save instead of +2. muhahah! (Seti grade: fuck yea!)

Quicken/Restrain - add 3in to run moves or take 3 in from enemy within 18in. (Seti grade: I'll take the Primaris power please, when this one is rolled.)

Empower/Enervate - add +1 strength to unit or -1 strength to enemy unit within 18in. (Seti grade: interesting)

There is a lot of good stuff here, since you roll your powers first and then distribute Warlocks you can choose where these powers go. The Spiritseer of course as an IC can join any unit. So you could have a Wraithguard unit that has +2 saves if you like or Scorpians!. All in all not bad, I'll take the chance of killing a Warlock at 35 points, to turn a 10 man Terminator squad into having +3 saves for a turn and then light them up! Consider me accepting of the new random rules for psychic powers.

As a final note to my first installment of the Eldar Codex review. Farseers/Spiritseers/Autarchs can choose from the Remnants of Glory wargear, so for the first time, you could say give your Farseer a Fire Sabre +1st ap3 , soulblaze, wildfire. Or make him fearless with a +2 st rending weapon. We actually have some wargear options for a Farseer! Ever seen a Farseer with a 120in ap3 sniper rifle? You could now...

To be continued.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Thought of the Day.

Tomorrow!!!!!! I'm pretty excited to get my hands on the codex. Your army only gets redone rules every once in a great while, might as well enjoy it! I expect a Saturday spent reading (gushing) over the new book. Expect to see my review soon after....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Rumors... Thanks to BOLS

Fire Dragon WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 5 A 1 Ld 9
Fire Dragon Exarch WS 5 BS 5 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 6 A 2 Ld 9
Heavy Aspect Armor (3+)
Fusion Gun
Melta Bombs
Special Rules:
Ancient Doom
Battle Focus
- 5 Dragons 110 points
up to 5 more at 22/model
1 Exarch upgrade 10
Exarch may take Dragon's Breath Flamer for free or Firepike 15pts
Exarch may take up to two of the following exarch powers:
-Iron Resolve 5pts
-Crushing Blow 10pts
-Fast Shot 10pts
May use a Wave Serpent as a Dedicated Transport.

WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W2 I5 A1 Ld8 Sv-
Psyker Lvl 1

Shard of Anabis: combat weapon, +2S Ap- Rending, Vauls Work. 
Vauls Work = bearer has fearless, In challenge bearer has Fleshbane and Instant Death

FireSabre: combat weapon, +1S ap 3 Soulblaze, Wildfire
Wildfire; whenever soulblaze inflicts an unsaved wound it arcs to all units within 6 on the roll of a 6

Spirit Stone of Anath'lan: Allows a Psyker to reduce the cost of a power by 1 warp charge to a minimum of 1, If he does it he can't use the Runic armour's Invunerable save.

Long Rifle: 120" Sx Ap 3 Heavy 1 Sniper

Mantle of the Laughing God: IC loses IC rule but gains Hit and Run, Shrouded and stealth and can reroll failed cover saves

Faolchu Wings: Run up to 48" in the shooting phase, can't shoot, charge into combat or cast shooting psychic powers. reroll failed cover saves until the next turn

Phoenix Gem: When model dies roll a d6, on a 2+ place a large blast marker centred over the model, All units take a number of hits equal to the number of models under the template, a S4 Ap5/3, any unsaved wounds and the model gets back up on one wound, this is a one use only thing.

Ghostwalk Matrix (in a squad this one is on all or none)
Spirit Stones
Star Engines
Vectored Engines
Crystal Targeting Matrix (Basically fire one weapon first to get a hit that will twin-link the rest of the models weapons at the target)

Shuriken Weapons
Bladestorm rule - auto-wounds on a roll to wound of a 6 with AP2. Ranges unchanged.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Well the time has come for Eldar players.. our new codex!!! Soon I will be diving in to a new army book for my beloved Eldar. This is a breakdown of rumors (taken from BOLS)

Most of the rules information can be gathered from the Battle Report section of the White Dwarf. Here is what we know.
  • Wraithknight: Can get Suncanons: S6 AP2 Blast Heavy 3. Twin-linked with Laser Lock if Scatter Lasers hit first. Jump Pack, Monstrous Creature, 6 Wounds, T8, (Scattershield) for Invulnerable Save
  • Crimson Hunter (Fighter): Gets 2 Bright Lances and Pulse Laser : "Basically Four Lascannons" Gets a "Fighter Ace upgrade"
  • The Hemlock (Bomber): Gets D-scythes (Str4) and Mindshock (Morale Check) Pod (Bomb)  Distort Rule (D-Weapons) any penetration roll of 6 auto pens regardless of strength.
  • Psychic Powers: Fortune (Re-roll Saves), Quicken (Increased Movement), Guide (re-roll hits), Restrain (Opposite of Quicken) Two sets of powers accessible.
  • Dire Avengers: Battlefocus: run and shoot in the same turn.
  • Avatar: Fearless bubble, Fleet
  • Wraithblades: T6 Forceshield Generator so invulnerable save
  • Wraithlord: is still T8
The focus of the battle report was of course on the new units, especially the Wraithknight it is almost like GW wants us to buy a certain model or something...
Other little tidbits...
  • Phil Kelly wrote the rules and Adam Troke the fluff.
  • No price yet for Iyanden Supplement
  • Wraithguard can get either Wraithcannon or the D-scythe so this might mean split on rules from the old dex between each weapon.
  • The force organization of Eldar Unit hasn't changed just new models added into slots
  • Wraithknight to Heavy Support
  • Flyers to Fast Attack
  • Wraithblades to Elite
  • Spirit Seer to HQ
  • Named Ranger to HQ
Next up is this list of marketing talking points regarding the codex:

Codex Eldar :
- Craftworld ships will be introduced
- New special rules for many Eldar units. Old Nemesis (Slaanesh) and Battle Trance (running and shooting)
- Multiple exarch abilitys, options and equipment

Wraithknight (heavy support 240 points)
-Strong Profile (S:10 T:8 W:6 AS:3+, Jump-pack
- 2 heavy Phantom lasers (S10 AP 2 instant death on wound rolls of 6)
- Alternative equipment possible - for example close combat weapons with a 5+ invul and blind special rule or a S:6 5" Blast with AP2. with 5+ invul and blind special rule.

Somach Phantomhunter (fast attack 185 points)
- Psyker with the terrify psychic power
- 2 blast weapons with ap 2
- Enemy units within 12" have to reroll succesful ld tests.

Crimson Hunters (fast attack 160 points)
- New Aspect warriors with strong Exarch upgrades
- May reroll armor pen rolls against flyers
- Vector dancer

Wraithguard /Wraithblades (elite 160 points 5 models)
- Strong profile with S5 T 6 as 3+
- Wraithblades got 2 close combat weapons with AP3 and +1 S or can get a 4+ invul with a single AP2 weapon
- Runeseer can mark targets, every wraith unit can reroll missed to hit rolls of 1 against marked targets.
- If you select a runeseer as HQ, they become troops

Ililic Nightspear (hq 140 points)
- Alaitoc character that allows ranger units the Pathfinder upgrade.
- Has 9 special rules - one of them allows ranger units to infiltrate without the range restrictions to enemy units.
- BS:9 S:X AP2 instant death on wound rolls of 6
Other new releases for Eldar
Phantomseer, Runeprophet and cards for psychic powers.:
- 3 different kinds of psykers (Seer council, Phantomseer, Runeprophet)
- Divination, Telepathy and 2 new Eldar psychic disciplines: Runes of Battle andRunes of Fate (for Rune prophet and Runeseer respectively)
- Runes of Battle have always 2 effects, for example granting Shrouding or taking Shrouding off the enemy unit.
-Runes of Fate : 4 warpcharges, 2 powers, very strong and offensive

Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's been a bit so I'll update on what I've been doing 40k wise. D-Company had our annual Big Game. It's a fun weekend were we rent a space in a hotel and play a huge Apocalypse style game. I had a great time, rolled a lot of dice, and shared in some laughs and drinks. I also had the opportunity to play in a Saturday day with two friends. 6k Eldar vs. Death Wing and Blood Angels.    The mission was a battle for 5 objectives; 3 bridges, a water treatment planet, and a landing pad. I think the game partially came about after I boasted the Eldar are a great army to fight against Deathwing. The high volume of ap2 or better shots the Eldar army can produce, being the key.

Knowing that a game vs. Deathwing means I deploy and wait for a fair number of Terminators to deep strike down right in my ranks. Not a good proposition for any army let alone Eldar...  I deployed across the battle field in triangle formations; A skimmer, a ground assault unit, a shooting unit. So no matter where Terminators would land, they could shoot at one unit but two more stood by to support the unit attacked by the newly arrived enemy.  This worked very well as entire 10 man Deathwing squads died from massed Eldar fire. I won the game convincingly.

Hobby wise,
I'm still working on my Nightwing flyer. The main hull is almost were I would like it to be paint wise. A little more black and then blue sponged on and I can move on to engines and weapons.

I also have a second Harlequin unit and a Shadow Specter unit ready to get paint on them. Always working on something Eldar related. It seems I will never be finished with my Eldar army...