Monday, January 6, 2014

Spiritseer conversion

Completed is my conversion/kit bash of a Spiritseer. Kinda a funny story as to how it happened. I traveled twice, to my local GW store to buy a Spiritseer model. No sale! Both times I went, the store didn't have the model. By the second time, I just looked at the new Farseer model and decided because I liked the model so much and didn't actually need any more Farseers, I'd make it into a Spiritseer!

So the basis of my Spiritseer is the new Farseer model. I then added a Dark Eldar Wych head. I remembered the Wych sprue comes with a few wearing a full mask that seemed close enough to the actual Spiritseer model's head. To give the head a larger profile and thus fit the body in better, I added a Chaos Marine mane to the top. Finally, I used part of the Eldar statue bit that comes with Dire Avengers to create my Witch staff. All that was left was to paint it in the colors of my Craftworld. I am happy with it. Sometimes the simplest conversions are the best! I like it more then the real Spiritseer model, so I call that success.

Game wise, I've played several games since my last post. I crushed the Crimson Fists in my Nightwing's first game. The Nightwing did exactly what it was supposed to do and took out the Marine flyer. A new model was not shot down in it's first game!! Always nice. I played a tight game against a good guard player. Only a daring move by the Fire Dragons to dismount, shoot a Basilisk, and use Battle Focus to contest his objective won Antaries Craftworld the day. I am now some 15 games in with the new codex and have not lost a game.

The Big Game!

The Big Game is about a month away. That's D-Company's annual Apocalypse battle. I am allowed 6000pts. which I can do easy but I want some new toys! I've come up with storyline wise that Illic Nightspear will lead a scout force down to the city. He will then call the main Antaries force down to the planet. I would like the scout force to be Pathfiders, Vypers, Warwalkers, Flyers and the Hornet. This means Nightspear, two Warwalkers, and the Hornet all must be assembled and painted. Plenty of work to do. I'm currently finishing the Warwalkers, so I'm on a good pace.