Saturday, September 20, 2014

We have come for you...

Well it's been sometime since I last posted. August typically is a month I try to enjoy the last bits of summer until the cold creeps in. I haven't played many games, only 2 at Gen Con. And in truth I'm really focused on my Chaos army. Eldar are going to sit in stasis for bit, never gone for long but they are taking a break from action. I scored a Forgefiend from Gen Con, as well as the Kharn model from Forgeworld. My goal is to convert that model into a Khorne Chaos lord. Crom is being promoted! In truth I like the option of having the Bezerkers count as troops. This gives me tones of flexibility in my army make up as if Voltan is included in my list, Noise Marines are troops, or Crom then Bezerkers are troops. Either way, this army will be based around a lot of troops. A good thing in this world of objective based games.

A Night Lord champion with power weapon.
I've almost completed modeling for the Night Lords and painting is moving along. I just renewed my brush supply by throwing out some old brushes and I spent about 30$ on new ones from a local store called Artist and Display. New brushes really help the cause. I've completed a Rhino plus 2 troop squads numbering 10 each.

Here is a rundown of what I have modeled for the Night Lords to this point. I'll never say I'm done adding to the army, but I don't see it getting much bigger then this....

Night Lords

1 Chaos Lord - Vigo the Carpathian

10 man troop squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Melta guns, Champ with Combi Melta and Power weapon.

10 man troop squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Plasma guns, Champ with Powerfist.

10 man troop squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Melta guns, Champ with twin Lightning Claws.

10 man Chosen squad: Bolter, Pistol, CC, plus 2 Melta guns, 2 twin Lightning Claws, Champ with twin Lightning Claws.

6 Atramentar: (terminators) 1 with Auto cannon + Power weapon, 1 with twin Lightning Claws, 1 with Powerfist + Combi Melta, 2 Chainfist + Combi Melta, 1 with Combi Melta + Power weapon.

2 Rhinos with Havoc Launcher.

6 man Havoc squad with 3 Las Cannons.

1 Predator with twin linked Las Cannon.

10 man Raptor squad with 2 Melta guns plus Champ with twin Lightning Claws.

2 Obliterators

1 Land Raider 2 Las Cannons 1 Heavy Bolter

Forgefiend with 2 Hades Auto Cannons

1 Vindicator 

1 Defiler

Combine this with my Lord + 30 Noise Marines and Lord + 20 Bezerkers and I think I have plenty of options for lists! Will this be all? Probably not, but it's a good start.