Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Forge the Narrative

Champion Barin "the undying"
I have a glorious moment on the battlefield to announce. I was playing a 2 on 2, My Night Lords and the Iron Warriors vs 2 armies of Orks. I had a Champion (Sargeant for you non-Chaos players) win a challenge, get re-roll armor save off the Chaos Boon Table... then I placed him in the front of his squad (why wouldn't you?) and he took fire from two 20+ Ork units firing Shootas and Big Shootas. Saving every wound.

Then he took the majority of shooting from a third Ork mob before falling to the last shot. It was an amazing display. He must be honored with a name.

My trend in my Chaos army is to take names from cheesy sci fi movies. Flash Gordon being well represented. I decided on Barin "the undying". After Prince Barin.

All my champions have trophies, you see his spike on his backpack. You also see a little individual flare as his bolter has a scope on it.  It was the early days of my painting lightning so his isn't so great...

In other narrative news, I'd like to give a plug to these guy's podcast

They are doing a podcast focused on narrative gaming and I found their first episode entertaining. Here's your chance to get in on the ground level!

Ave Dominus Nox