Sunday, April 14, 2013


It's been a bit so I'll update on what I've been doing 40k wise. D-Company had our annual Big Game. It's a fun weekend were we rent a space in a hotel and play a huge Apocalypse style game. I had a great time, rolled a lot of dice, and shared in some laughs and drinks. I also had the opportunity to play in a Saturday day with two friends. 6k Eldar vs. Death Wing and Blood Angels.    The mission was a battle for 5 objectives; 3 bridges, a water treatment planet, and a landing pad. I think the game partially came about after I boasted the Eldar are a great army to fight against Deathwing. The high volume of ap2 or better shots the Eldar army can produce, being the key.

Knowing that a game vs. Deathwing means I deploy and wait for a fair number of Terminators to deep strike down right in my ranks. Not a good proposition for any army let alone Eldar...  I deployed across the battle field in triangle formations; A skimmer, a ground assault unit, a shooting unit. So no matter where Terminators would land, they could shoot at one unit but two more stood by to support the unit attacked by the newly arrived enemy.  This worked very well as entire 10 man Deathwing squads died from massed Eldar fire. I won the game convincingly.

Hobby wise,
I'm still working on my Nightwing flyer. The main hull is almost were I would like it to be paint wise. A little more black and then blue sponged on and I can move on to engines and weapons.

I also have a second Harlequin unit and a Shadow Specter unit ready to get paint on them. Always working on something Eldar related. It seems I will never be finished with my Eldar army...