Sunday, February 26, 2017

Big Game 2017

New models ready for battle!
D-Company's annual Big Game has come and gone again...

This year was broken down into games against individuals and teams as opposed to one large slug fest. I have grown to like this format as it allowed me to play 4 games over the weekend against 6 different people.

My first game was 2500pts vs. Orks, then I played 3000pts. vs. AD Mech and Iron Hands (40K). Then a team game 2500pts. per player vs. Iron Hands (30K) and Death Wing. Finally, another team game at 2000pts. per player.

The Orks defend their tires in game 1.
Game 2 vs. Ad mech

Night Lords advance on the Iron Hands in game 3.

Curze waits for the cowards to exit the Mastodon.
I consumed too many beverages and forgot to take pictures of game 4. But I can assure you it was just as much fun as the other 3 games. I loved playing against a Mastodon, though I could not kill it. The Quad Mortars and Leviathan performed very well for me all weekend. I'm certain I will enjoy fielding both units in future games. That's it for now....

Ave Dominus Nox.