Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Recruits!

This guy.
Making progress on my Big Game 2016 army. I finished the first Contemptor Dreadnought. Really, a cool kit put out by Forgeworld. I magnetized the arms below the shoulder so I could switch out the weapons if I so desire. But I think 2 Kheres pattern assault cannons are going to do the trick nicely. At the very least you can always use bullet magnets right?

Also I finished my third Rhino. This one has Forgeworld Night Lord doors. I am pretty pleased with how it looks.

I'm working on a 10 man squad of Raptors now. Base coat and highlight dry brush completed. Though, I still have lots to do before mid February. We are talking 30 Terror Squad, 2 Land Speeders, 3 Drop pods, Curze, Sevatar, a Sicaran Battle Tank... My games played is on hold right now. Too much work to do!

No clues we would go traitor.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Games played part two

3500 pts. Eldar vs. Necrons.

I have to admit, I was really looking forward to this. Two of the most powerful armies in 7th edition of 40K. My opponent AJ has whooped me two times in a row. But I hadn't played Necrons in their newest codex. And he hadn't played this codex of the Eldar.

3500pts allows plenty of treats for both of us. I had heard of the Decurion formation but I was confident I was bringing a very strong army with the Craftworld Warhost.

We decided on the old purge the alien mission which was straight kill points. AJ didn't want cards involved in the out come of these two armies clashing, I agreed. The game was played on nice board made up of canyon-like pieces and blue water. We decided the water was only ankle deep and ignored it. But the terrian made for some cool cinematic moments of skimmers flying though canyons and such.

Antaries, ready for battle.
I used a Guardian Battle Host, Aspect Host, Dire Avenger Shrine, AJ had smaller formations within his overall army as well. I'm sorry, I'm not well versed enough in Necrons to share them here.

Necrons got the first turn and the dice started rolling. He focused on Wraithlords (heh, they always do, don't they Eldar players?) as well as Karandras and the Scorpion squad who infiltrated. I tried to take out the Necron mobility. Sadly he was much more successful then I was.

I should have known when I unleashed an Appoc Eldrich Storm and only killed 2 Necron warriors that this wasn't going to go well.

The Necrons were too tough. My army is loaded with ap 2 guns yet I think I managed to kill about 4 units. Now, early on (turns 1-3) I rolled terribly for damage vs his vehicles. But his main Necrons seemed to have rolls upon rolls to save him from death. I doomed a squad, and fired at it with a D-Cannon, Fire Prism, and 2 squads of Dire Avengers (BS 5) and a squad of Dark Reapers (BS 5), and I could not remove them from the table!

Necrons imposed their will everywhere on the table.
The Necron army was built around large expensive units lead by characters, my problem is I couldn't kill them with Eldar shooting. It seemed like every roll he made got a re-roll for some reason. And it's not as if I was relying on one unit vs one unit shooting. I was using my speed to do my usual combining of Eldar fire all on the target I wanted eliminated, it just didn't work. I'm not saying the Eldar codex can't beat the Necron codex. But the way I play Eldar, Dire Avengers and Guardians killing infantry with small arms fire... can't beat the Necron formation. This was best illustrated in a sequence were I did 8 ap2 wounds on a unit of Necrons and scored zero kills. They just won't die.

The battle in the sky.
As any Eldar player knows, slowly your forces wither away if you face mass shooting. And the Antaries force did just that. We didn't bother to tally the kill point total. Necrons won the game easily.

I think I made a mistake in the way I deployed and used Karandras and his squad, I could have rolled much better. But in the battle of two of the best codex in 40K, I give it to the Necrons.
The "will be back" roll augmented the way it is within the codex rules is really tough to beat with a shooting army. AJ said close combat armies do much better, and maybe that is true. 

But my shooty Eldar got it handed to them for the first time since I played with the latest version of the Eldar codex. And I am 0-3 vs the Necrons in my last 3 games against them. Cheers to AJ, he crushed me again.

Over all it was a great weekend, as games get more sparse the older I get, they become more to be cherished for the enjoyment I get while playing. 

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Games played.

This past weekend was a small Con in Illinois called What-Con. It's always well attended by D-Company members. The Con is nothing like Gen-Con but it has it perks like the Bits Guy comes to it. I was able to score 2 Landspeeders for my 30K army for $40, all I have to do is repaint them. And get rid of the Imperial eagles... I also purchased 2 Drop pods on E-bay for $60, also already assembled. I have my eye on the Horus Heresy box coming out in November. With that, I'll have a good amount of my 30K Night Lords.

Orks protect their tires.
The main reason I go though is games. I played two games, 3000pts Night Lords vs Orks and in a battle of cheese.. 3500pts Eldar vs Necrons. My friday game was against my friend Joe and his Orks lead by Orkamungus. We played a generic Maelstrom game where each player could have a max of 5 cards per turn. Mungus likes tires for some reason, so in the narrative the Night Lords plus their Emperors Children allies were there to defile tires.

The Orks spread out across their deployment, largely Shootaboys, a Zapgun squad, Lootas, and Nobs. I chose to deploy away from the Zapguns, this made them largely ineffective all game long. I deployed my 3 Rhinos with the 3 Claws in them plus 2 squads of Noise Marines concentrated on the right of the Ork deployment. I can tell you Noise weapons were very effective against Orks in cover. Blastmasters did major damage. So do Grot Bombs unfortunately.

Night Lords advance on the Ork position. 
Random tidbit.. Since my Forgefiend was painted, it has not lived past two turns. This game did not change that trend. The overall game was very close. I don't think either player lead by more then 3.
Easily the Chaos hero of the day was Voltan, commander of the former 5th company of the Emperors Children.

I don't usually show unpainted models but these guys rocked!
Voltan is a Chaos lord with wings (hence his name, think Flash Gordon) a power weapon and a Plasma pistol. I had him lead a squad of Raptors. Fear tests were effective as Joe failed two. Voltan was rewarded twice by the Dark Powers, the best of those being toughness 5.

 The Bleeding Eyes and Voltan killed 3 full squads of Orks. Probably responsible for the deaths of about 60 some Orks. They started at the bottom of Mungus' condo and worked their way up.

The Bleeding Eyes (Raptors) have the mark of Khorne so they get +2 attacks on a charge instead of the usual +1. Add the fact that Voltan is a Chaos Lord with the mark of Slaanesh or int. 6, for rundowns, and you get a pretty nasty unit.

As I had said, this game was well contested and thanks to random game length it went the full 7 turns. Final score Chaos-18 Orks-17 this game was fought as part of D-Company's map campaign at B 20 vs 28 on False Hope.

Next post.... two of the strongest codex in 7th edition. Eldar vs. Necrons

Sunday, August 23, 2015

The 4th Claw

The 4th Claw finished.
Hobby update... I recently finished my 3rd,10 man troop squad. The 4th Claw features 2 Plasma guns and the Champion has 2 Lightning Claws. Next in my cue is their Rhino, which will be my first with Night Lord doors and front from Forgeworld. It's primed and ready to paint. It looks very cool with the legion markings.

Why the 4th Claw? Well the 1st Claw are the Chosen. 2nd Claw is First Sergeant Klytus squad. 3rd Claw is run by Barin "The Undying".

The 4th Claw will have to get some game time before any possible name for the Champion can be earned. But I think it's a very cool model that I'm very happy with. His Lightning Claws are from the Raptor plastic kit, and his legs are actually from a Space Marine Devastator squad. I really like the pose.

No games played since Gen con. But I've ordered the bits for 30 Terror Squad members and a Lightning Strike Fighter. So the 30K end of the army is taking form. The Isstvan Campaign Legions book I bought at Gen con came in the mail. So I've been poring over that, as well as trying to finish Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeil.

Well, that's my immersion into the world of Warhammer 30/40K for now. Hopefully I can get some games in soon. Now that I have the books needed to play 30K, I'm going to work on a 2000pt. list that I'll post once I fine tune it. It will give you an idea of where my 30K Night Lords are headed. List building is another fun aspect of this multifaceted hobby that we love!

P.S. what do you think of the new layout? While I'll always be an Eldar player, this is my hobby blog and the VIII are on my mind these days.

Ave Dominus Nox.

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Oh Summer, How I Will Miss You

Klytus, First Sergeant
Gen con just wrapped up and that usually indicates that summer is drawing to a close. It was another great time in Indy. I talked to the Forgeworld guys and bought the two red books required to field and play 30k armies. Purchased 2 Kheres Assault Cannons for my Night Lords Contemptor as well. A good haul!

Hobbywise, I'm putting the final touches on my 3rd, 10 marine troop squad. Some touch up on lightning, a little dry brush highlighting, then darken with a black wash and they are ready to be based. It's always exciting to get to the end of painting a unit. The feeling of accomplishment to see a job well done is one of the many perks of this hobby.

Once the Isstvan Campaign Legions book comes (they ran out at Gen con, so mine is being shipped) I will start to map out what I want for my 30k Legion. I already have the model for Curze and Sevatar. But I'm using restraint, I want to finish basic units I'll field in 30k and 40k first. Which means my 3rd Rhino comes next, followed by the Raptors.

My overall hobby goal is to build a full company of Night Lords, 3 troops based in 40k models and 3 troops based in Night Lords Terror Squad models. Once I have the Isstvan book, I'll be able to lay out the 30k army I want to play. I have the basic idea of what I want, just have to fine tune with the rules.

Continuing my character series, above is First Sergeant Klytus. He sports a Combi-Melta, and a Dark Angels power sword. He also dawns a hood, mocking the Dark Angels. My Night Lords display many influences from the Thramas Crusade, the 3 year diversionary mission designed by Horus to take the Dark Angels out of the fight.

I'm toying with the idea of making 30k versions of my 40k characters. Then I would play my company in both 30k times and 40k. I think it could show a cool evolution of my characters. Well, those are all future plans. Seeing a 30k version of Vigo (not yet the Carpathian) but Captain Vigo would be pretty cool!

Ave Dominus Nox

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Forge the Narrative

Champion Barin "the undying"
I have a glorious moment on the battlefield to announce. I was playing a 2 on 2, My Night Lords and the Iron Warriors vs 2 armies of Orks. I had a Champion (Sargeant for you non-Chaos players) win a challenge, get re-roll armor save off the Chaos Boon Table... then I placed him in the front of his squad (why wouldn't you?) and he took fire from two 20+ Ork units firing Shootas and Big Shootas. Saving every wound.

Then he took the majority of shooting from a third Ork mob before falling to the last shot. It was an amazing display. He must be honored with a name.

My trend in my Chaos army is to take names from cheesy sci fi movies. Flash Gordon being well represented. I decided on Barin "the undying". After Prince Barin.

All my champions have trophies, you see his spike on his backpack. You also see a little individual flare as his bolter has a scope on it.  It was the early days of my painting lightning so his isn't so great...

In other narrative news, I'd like to give a plug to these guy's podcast

They are doing a podcast focused on narrative gaming and I found their first episode entertaining. Here's your chance to get in on the ground level!

Ave Dominus Nox

Monday, June 22, 2015

A Legion's slow decent.

There's a lot I really like about the Night Lords. The lightning that adorns their armor and vehicles appeals to me. The Dark blue color scheme. Their story line. They were the Emperor's terror legion, from their perspective they never did anything wrong, well Curze destroying their home world was a bit extreme. They didn't flee into the Eye of Terror. It took an attack by every Ultramarines chapter combined at Tsagulalsa (their base of operations) to finally shatter the legion into it's 40k warband status.

I like the idea that they don't worship anyone, holy or unholy. Though in the 40k universe Chaos can be clever, it is not uncommon for Night Lords to be corrupted. I'd like to play that out slowly, my company's members are slowly being twisted by the dark gods. With that, I present my first Daemon Engine. The Forgefiend.

ehhh, we're ok with some daemons..
I like this kit, it's fun to build and paint. Mine has the two 4 shot st8 ap4 guns, 8 shots at bs3 isn't terrible. I've had some success hitting enemy flyers, and it takes out light armor pretty well. Though in my last game it was blown up turn one by Ork shooting. Oh well, I'm enjoying my punch you in the face Night Lords. they pick a point in the enemy and attack. Much different then my Eldar tactics of take out enemy mobility and then shoot them apart. I get into a lot of close combat with the Night Lords when things are going right. Khorne has noticed that they have taken many skulls and spilled plenty of blood.

Ave Dominus Nox. (Hail the lord of night)

Monday, May 4, 2015

First game!

My first 2000pts with the new book.
I took a little jaunt out to Madison to play my friend Mark on Sunday. He's a long time friend who has logged hundreds of games vs. Antaries.
We have played too many to count and it's always a good game.

I decided, of course I would try out the Craftworld Warhost formation. Please excuse my one unpainted model. I haven't used the support weapons since 3rd edition. So I quickly made a D-Cannon battery for the game.

So, my first list for a 2000 point game, here's my army:

Guardian Battle Host 730pts
1 Farseer

10 Defenders + Bright lance + Warlock

10 Defenders + Bright lance + Warlock

10 Defenders + Starcannon + Warlock

1 Vyper + Starcannon + Holo-field

2 Warwalkers + Starcannons

1 D-Cannon support battery

Aspect Host 492pts
5 Fire Dragons + Exarch

6 Warpspiders + Exarch/Spinneret

4 Dark Reapers + Exarch/Missile Launcher

3 Engines of Vaul 480pts
Falcon + Scatter/Cannon/Holo/Stone

Fire Prism + Cannon/Holo/Stone

Fire Prism + Cannon/Holo/Stone

2 Wraith Constructs 290pts
Wraithlord + Sword/Bright lance

Wraithlord + Sword/Bright lance

1992 points 1 core, 6 Auxiliary

I must say I like the new open system of making armies, since 3rd edition I've been playing 1 HQ, 2 troops, ect. Now in 7th edition of the game it's much more open. I've always said the problem with Eldar is they have too many great heavy support choices. And up until 7th, I could only use 3 per army. So things like support batteries or Warwalkers never saw the table. While the Craftworld Warhost limits you in someways such as I'd have to take 3 Crimson Hunters just to get air support, it allowed me to take 8 heavy supports in a Battle Forged list.

Antaries press the early attack.
We rolled the Maelstrom of war mission three. So table halves and increasing cards per turn.

Early on I displayed superior fire power. I focused on his transports stalling the Marines Errant on their side of the table. He still had a flyer to come on the table and a Land speeder. But the early cards went my way and I cut out most of his movement in the first few turns.

I lose Objective Secured but Matchless Agility is pretty sweet. I use Battle Focus quite often so a guarantee of a 6 for every run is nice!

I built up 5 points pretty quickly but the cards left me. Mark was playing tough as usual and roared back with some points of his own. His Marines Errant destroyed the Falcon, a Fire Prism, and both Wraithlords among other things. And a Dreadnaught and Wraithlord had a cinematic battle were they both killed the other in HtH...

Marines Errant hunker down.

The Warpspiders were able to deepstrike deep in his backfield and cause a fair amount of damage including killing Mark's Warlord.

They are pretty interesting as they have flicker jump, warp jump, jet pack, and Battle Focus to all deal with. plus Matchless Agility. Did I mention the Exarch's Iron Will makes the squad essentially Fearless?

Plus, the Aspect Host formation is awesome! I chose to make my 3 Aspects BS +1. The Fire Dragons, Warp Spiders, and Dark Reapers were cold blooded killers at BS5 (Exarchs 6).

Mark's flyer was able to do good damage until it was taken out by the Dark Reaper Exarch. And his deepstrike of a Land speeder proved worthwhile when it took down the Falcon. Ultimatly, the game ended after 6. Antaries 7 victory points, Marines Errant 4. Hard fought, no one wanted to commit to that middle of the battle field.

I was really pleased with this army, every unit contributed in some way. I was disappointed I couldn't get an Appoc blast Eldritch Storm off, I tried. I very much enjoyed my first list with the new codex. I know I'm going to love playing with the Aspects.

- No Wave Serpents or Wraith Guard or Wraith Knights. Take that Internets.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

New Eldar codex review

Well, well... a new Eldar codex is out. Hobby wise, I'm still going strong on the VIII legion. Ave Dominus Nox. But I am a long time, avid Eldar player. Time to dive in to a new codex. I'm not doing a full review of units like I did in 2013. Much of the Eldar is similar to our old (eh... 2013) codex. I'll focus on the changes.

The latest version of the game changed the way we make armies. Battle forged vs. Unbound, and within Battle forged; Combined arms, Allied, or.. other formations that would be made available. Like in codex's.

The main, new element to Codex Eldar Craftworlds is the formation. Craftworld Warhost. This optional organization revolves around the player choosing one core choice, and then unlocking the ability to choose up to 12 plus the HQ. Now, I don't have bikes yet (yes, the new models look cool) nor do I have enough Storm Guardians to make that chore choice. So I'll take the Guardian Battle Host.

Guardian Battle Host

You must take the following:

1 Farseer
3 Units of Guardian Defenders (may add a weapons platform for free)
1 Vyper Squadron
1 unit of Warwalkers
1 Vaul Wrath Support Battery
Warlock conclave is 0-1

Once you fullfill that, you may unlock the others. Like the Aspect Host and Dire Avenger Shrine. You do all this to get the Command Benefit for the Craftworld Warhost. Matchless Agility: Any unit with a model from this detachment runs 6in instead of rolling for a run roll. That's pretty sweet for how much I use Battle Focus. Plus, many auxiliary choices or mini-formations have their own, fairly powerful, rules. What do I lose by taking the Craftworld Warhost? Objective Secured. The Eldar command benefit is Matchless Agility not Objective Secured. Interesting...

There are 3 Regents of the Warhost choices, you may have 0-3 per Guardian Battle Host

Heroes of the Craftworld - 1 Autarch, Prince Yriel, Eldrad, or Illic

Seer Council - 2 Farseers + 1 Warlock Conclave (Eldrad is optional)

Living Legends - 1 Avatar, or Phoenix Lord

There are 7 Auxiliary choices, you may have 1-12 per Guardian Battle Host

Outcasts - 1 unit of Rangers, Aspect Host - 3 units (in any combination) of the Aspects, Crimson Death - 3 Crimson Hunters, Dire Avenger Shrine - 3 units of Dire Avengers, Engines of Vaul - 1 unit of Fire Prism, Falcons, or Night Spinners, Wraith Host - 1 Spiritseer 3 Wraithguard or Blades 1 Wraithlord 1 Wraithknight, Wraith Constructs - 1 Hemlock or Wraithlord or Wraithknight.

I'll just go over a couple, 

Aspect Host: Rites of Battle - after warlord trait choose either WS or BS, All units in this formation +1.  Shrinekeepers - models from this formation re-roll failed morale, pinning, and fear tests.

So, I could take Dark Reapers, Warp Spiders and Fire Dragons, as my host. They would all be BS 5 with the Exarchs at 6. Oh mama! Or 3 units of Dire Avengers all BS 5... 

But why do that when there is the Dire Avenger Shrine? - 3 Units of Dire Avengers, Killing Strike - once per game in the shooting phase they each fire +1 shot. Rites of the Avenger - all models in this formation add 1 to BS. Plus the Shrinekeeper rule. 

I can see the Aspect Host and Dire Avenger Shrine being the backbone of my Antaries army.

Although units cannot normally belong to more then one Detachment, units from a formation in the Craftworld Warhost are an exception. They count as being part of their formation and the Detachment so they have all associated Command Benefits and special rules.

So what got toned down? 

The Wave Serpent Shield. It now only fires once per game and then loses all benefits of the shield. That's tough. I never fired it much myself, but many on the internets used Serpent Shield spam.

The Scatter Laser no longer has the laser lock rule. It no longer twin links weapons. 

Warp Spiders have to choose, either use the warp jump in the movement phase or the jet pack jump in the assault phase. A slight nerf. But they can jump in the enemy shooting phase if they are targeted. A mixed bag.

The Holofield is now a +5 inv save. A worse save then the +1 to the cover save, but you don't jink to use it. Different, not better or worse.

What got better?

Wraithcannons, D-Cannons, any "distort" weapon is now ST D. That's pretty nasty. But, I noticed Wraithguard are not easy to get into your Craftworld Warhost. I will have to put them in a Combined Arms detachment if I want to use them as your only option in the Craftworld Warhost is the Wraith Host.

Pretty much all the Aspects. Banshee masks, a model wearing a mask causes Fear and enemy may not Overwatch against the unit! I think I might have to make an Autarch with one...

The book itself is bigger, 160 pages. With some lovely art and pictures.

The Harlequins are gone from the book. 

I'm not much of a jetbike player so I found the model release weak.

The Farseer is awesome. Once per psychic phase may reroll any dice in a psychic test or deny the witch. Wow! Eldar may not summon Daemons, good that was just silly.

We'll see what happens when I get some games in. The Craftworld Warhost looks tough.

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Big Game 2015

D-Company held it's annual Big Game this past weekend. We rent a large hall and have a gaming weekend. Every year members volunteer to run it. This year was my turn along with Mark  Friday involves setting up the board and then playing some small games of 40k, 1500-2000 point games. My Night Lords were beat badly by AJ's Necrons, wiped from the table in turn 5. Ouch. The Orks played a game Friday against each other  to determine their warboss.

A view from the fortress side.

Saturdays game involved 20,000 points of Orks by 4 players. The Imperials featured 8 players and 44,000 points. Chaos and friends tallied 8 players and 48,000 points being Chaos, Eldar, Necrons, and Tyranids. 20 players and 112,000 points.

I divided the game into 3 theaters of battle. In the fortress 3 Chaos players fought 1 Imperial, while the Orks tunneled up from below. The Orks would turn on the  Chaos players when an animosity level was reached. The second involved 2 Imperials and 3 Chaos (though one chaos player fought in both the fortress and the road outside) this took place around the Shield Generator and the Ammo depot. Finally the third featured 5 Imperials vs. 3 Chaos down at the beginning of the road.

Iron Warriors smash down the walls.

One of the things I was very happy with was that the 3 theaters all stayed close to each other in the phases of each turn. I think it is wise to divide the overall battle in a game this big. Certain areas bog down, that's the way games of this size go. D-Company has hosted some 11 of these now. I think we have learned quite a bit in that time. I chose to manage my conflicts by assigning the players missions whose goals directly conflicted with enemy players. We also tried to spin a good storyline for the players. They each received information packets tailored to them.

A look from the city end of the board.

The Orks come up from giant holes in the ground!

Er we go dat way!

Chaos surrounded by.... friends?

Apparently Necrons can even move terrain...

The Orks are everywhere in the fortress.

Necrons approve of the way the battle goes in the city.

Imperials struggle to break the blockade.

Eric and Theo plan their next move.

The Imperials hold strong in the Shield Generator complex.

More Orks.

The front lines of the city fight.

Word Bearers move the Tyranid pheromone.

In the end it looked as though people had a good time. I was happy with how it went. You can't plan for everything, just hope you've set up an entertaining game. I wonder if the two structures restricting deepstrike were too powerful, I wish Chaos would have been deeper into the fortress when the Orks turned on them. But, for the most part, people embraced their missions and had plenty of action. I'm pleased with how it turned out.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


So Sevatar is up for preorder. I bought him and 3 sets of Night Lords Rhino doors. He is one of the coolest characters I've read in the Horus Heresy book series. By the way, I'm reading Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeil right now.

So the Prince of Crows..  First Captain of the Night Lords, considered one of the finest close combat fighters in all the legions. Also really enjoyable to read about.

"Malithos looked at his brothers in raw disbelief for a moment, before tilting his head at the first captain ' Are you mad, Sevatar?'

'No I feel fine'

'How would you try to stop us?' asked Var Jahan

'I'd kill you of course. What kind of question is that? But lets hope it doesn't reach that point. Emotions run high, and my spear is all the way over there.'

I'll use him as a chaos lord or sorcerer in 40k, I do plan a 30k Night Lord force..

A last thought on his storyline, Sevatar is not dead yet in the HH storyline, though his primarch has said he will die in battle. Heh, not much of a clue there, I think there maybe a clue in the picture above. Notice the White Scar at his base, my guess is Sevatar meets his end at the battle of terra. He talks in the story of going there after the Thramas Crusade. I don't buy the theory that he his one of the first Grey Knights. If you read his stories, he is VIII to his core. Much like Talos. Much like Talos I think his author will kill him. Though I doubt it will be Jain Zar, the Banshee Phoenix lord, who kills Sevatar.

It's a very cool looking model, I look forward to painting it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Atramentar Finished

We have come for you.
Ahhhh finished, my lovely Atramentar. For those not familiar with Night Lord lore, those would be the elite body guard of the lord.

They are well armed, 4 combi-meltas a reaper auto cannon and of course the champion has twin lightning claws. There are also 2 chainfists and a powerfist. They pack a pretty good punch. I'm happy with how they turned out. Chaos Terminators are a lovely kit. But a real effort to paint. So much little detail in the models...

Now that these guys are done, I think I might move on to something easier like the 6 man Havoc squad. This army is really starting to come together, dare I say they may end up looking better then my Eldar.. I look forward to getting at least 1500pts painted by next month's Big Game. Until my next post...

Ave Dominus Nox.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year

Awesome Book!
I've been busy planning the D-Company Big Game, finishing another semester of school, life flies by sometimes. Santa was kind, bringing me Imperial Armor 13. It's a must have for any Chaos player. Game wise, I've played about 5 games since I last posted. Though I tried to not play Night Lords till they were painted, I couldn't resist getting my hands dirty. I'm still feeling things out going 2-3. It's about finding that balance of weapons, I've already bought a 3rd rhino for my troops. The 10 man Raptor squad is modeled and ready to be primed. Paint wise I'm working on the last three Terminators. So many little details on the Chaos Terminator models... I'm looking forward to some easier models as next on my list are the Havocs and the 3rd troop squad.

Planning a large battle- For those who have never tried, running a large event takes a lot of effort. The Big Game is our gaming groups main event of the year. Players come from out of state to play so there is plenty of pressure to make sure it is a game that is well planned out. There will be about 15 players on a large board that numbers 12 tables at least 4 x 6 each.

The kind of game I've always wanted to play involves each player having their own objectives, I feel there is more individual joy in playing your own little small part in a larger battle.

We aren't using Apocalypse rules. I feel 7th edition gives us players a good enough template of force organization. The players are allowed 5000pts. Battleforged or Unbound. The ability to add detachments basically means one can reach 5000pts. pretty easily. The players are allowed formations and superheavy units.

There are two structures restricting units from entering the table. A com tower controlling a drone network that, while active, prevents all physical entry by air to the table. So Flyers, jump packs, wings. The shield generator stops all forms of teleportation or summoning. Examples being Terminators, Warp Spiders, or Daemons. Certain players will have to control these objectives before those units may enter the game.

Besides assigning missions, a GM must make sure the sides have relative balance. Placing the players on the overall table so that they are not severely disadvantaged by distance needed to travel or too many enemy commanders near by.

Each player will get a primary, secondary, overall team mission, plus a secret extra credit mission. They will receive general intel into their specific placement on the board and their missions. On the day before the game they will get their full mission packet. Only then will they specifically know how they will be judged.

This isn't an objective game or a game that will be counted by "points" When the game ends, Mark, who is helping develop the Big Game with me, and myself will judge each player on how well they performed in achieving their missions.

My thoughts on Imperial Armor 13- As I said above I think it's a must have for any Chaos player. Along with plenty of Horus Heresy vehicles there are Greater Daemons, rules for cool vehicle upgrades such as being a vet. of the Siege of Vraks... As I really want a Night Lords Contemptor Dreadnaught, there are now rules to use it in 40k, which is great. The Renegades and Heretics army list has some quirkiness to it's rules but on the whole a fantastic book.

Back to work. I'm building terrain, painting, all the while working on Night Lords. I'll try to have more frequent posts with what I'm up to. Happy New Year gamers.