Sunday, February 2, 2014

Eldar vs. Chaos Battle Report

+++++++Incoming coded transmission++++++++++
+++++++Inquisition eyes only-reception Inquisitor Czevak+++++++

Sir, Imperial probes in the Eastern Provence recorded this incident. I thought it prudent to compile the images and send them directly to you. The noted Craftworld Antaries met with Craftworld Balamb, the topics of said conversation are unknown. The meeting was interrupted by Chaos forces lead by Zhufor the Impaler, former Sargent of the Storm Lords taken by World Eaters in the sacking of Paramar. 
Video capture of Lord Zhufor
+++++++Cross reference+++++++ Zhufor the Impaler- Butcher of Vraks-Skulltakers.+++++++
+++++++Reference Craftworld Balamb+++++++ No data+++++++

The Mission was Eldar forces meeting is ambushed by Chaos. 3000pts. Antaries (1500pts.) Balamb (1500pts.) vs. Chaos (3000pts.) Killpoints, Slay the Warlord, Line Breaker.

Eldar deploy first, then Chaos, Chaos gets first turn if seize the initiative is not rolled (hint hint)

Deployment. I thought it best to include as many pertinent images as possible, Lord. Displayed here is a vid-capture of the Eldar forces before the ambush. The Imperial records of Antaries are well known of course, though Balamb is an unrecorded Craftworld. This image gives a clue as to the capabilities of
Eldar meeting
Chaos forces lead by Lord Zhufor approach with stealth from the west. It is unknown to me how the Chaos force was able to make it so close to the Eldar meeting place before being detected. ++++++Inquisitor note It is not for lowly tech adepts to speculate on Chaos tactics, recommend punishment+++++++
Chaos Forces move in
Turn 1) Eldar seize the initiative and take the first turn. The surprise and stealth Zhurfor used seemed to last only for a short time. The Eldar forces turned quickly and with a fluid nature I have never seen, enguaged the forces of the traitors. Balamb forces move quickly to destroy the Land Raider that transported Zhufor and his guard of Terminators. Balamb Guardians score a direct hit with their Brightlance platform on Rhino. The
Video capture of Land Raider destruction
Fire Prism of Antaries make destroys a second Rhino, and a Brightlance from an Antaries Wave Serpent quickly took out a Helbrute sporting a Plasma weapon. The probe images and video provided detailed evidence of how quickly the Eldar struck with great precision.

+++++++Inquisitor note, Antaries and Balamb employ the same tactics, destroy the enemy transport ability first. Did they coordinate during the battle or do Eldar all employ the same tactics?? 

Chaos turn 1) The Traitor named the Impaler was forced (by the Eldar or Khorne?) to advance with all his ground units which included: several spawn, the Rhinos that remained, and Chaos Marines. It is this adept's opinion that Zhufor allied with Iron Warrior Warpsmiths. Several encounters between the Iron Warriors and Antaries have been cataloged into the database as of late. It is possible the Iron Warriors failed to stop the two Craftworlds from meeting. Whatever the reason, the Chaos army had 2 Vindicators, Predator, 2 Helbrutes, many Iron Warrior Marines. Demolisher Cannons thundered upon the Eldar forces killing a squad of Balamb Wraithguard down to 1 and 4 Antaries Guardians plus their Brighlance platform. Heavy Bolters peppered a Ranger squad inside a ruin that was somehow altered by Chaos to provide a weaker cover.
+++++++Inquisitor note, This ability to weaken cover terrain has been attributed to Zhufor the Impaler.
Direct Demolisher hit on the Balamb Wraithguard
Eldar turn 2) The Eldar are quick to recover from the barrage. A Balamb Craftworld Falcon and Wave Serpent combine fire to destroy another Chaos Rhino. While an Antaries Vyper and Wave Serpent do in another. The second Antaries Wave Serpent takes down a Helbrute. The Eldar of the older Craftworld are not finished as their Fire Prism fires a intense beam that destroys the Chaos Predator. The Striking Scorpions of Balamb move from their forested position to engage 5 Chaos Spawn in hand to hand combat. Scorpions manage to kill 4 of the foul beasts, only losing 1 of their number.

Fire Prism takes out the Predator
Chaos turn 2) Chaos responds by deep striking 2 sets of two Obliterators. By the Emperor, one squad was destroyed. The other lands close to the Antaries lines. Zhufor's forces advance on the Balamb battle group, a
suspected Iron Warriors advance
Vindicator destroys the Falcon. Chaos forces, lead by a Warpsmith, meet the Balamb Wraithlord and a Melta shot hits home on the construct. The Obliterators that landed, did so near the Vyper of the Antaries. They destroyed it easily, killing 3 Guardians in the process. On the Antaries side of the city, the Chaos forces were thinning. The Impaler seemed to care little for the overall result, as he and his Terminators charged into the combat between the remaining Spawn and the Scorpions.

In a duel of some proportions, The Impaler bellows at the Exarch of the Scorpians and then removes his head from his body. The exotic weapon known as the Mandiblaster fells one of the Terminator body guard. The remaining take down 3 Scorpions The Spawn is cut down by Chainswords at about the same time. Video confirms that the hand to hand combat continued.
Warpsmith leads his unit at the Wraithlord
Eldar turn 3) The next move the Eldar make is to deepstrike Warp Spiders behind one of the Vindicators. They quickly destroy it and warp back to cover. The Antaries Fire Prism turns its cursed weapon on the group the Warpsmith had assembled. Inaccurate targeting meant only 3 Chaos Marines were killed. But the
Balamb Guardians along with Dire Avengers fire their catapults at the Chaos Marines killing many. The Obliterators, who had landed earlier, were quickly laid low by Star Cannon fire from the Warwalkers. It was then that the lone remaining Wraithguard fired its archaic weapon vaporizing a Iron Warrior with a Meltagun. Antaries seemed to sense victory because one of their Wave Serpent transports moved up and unloaded it's cargo, A full Dire Avenger squad. With some sort of battle focus the unit moved in range and fired on an Iron Warriors squad in cover. Video would show 4 fall to Shuriken fire. The squad then broke and retreated. While Antaries was handling its side, The Wraithlord charged the Warpsmith and few remaining friends. The Wraithlord crushed the Warpsmith with a swing of its giant blade. Zhufor the Impaler would not be denied as he would win his combat but scream in rage as he watched his army falling back in full retreat. Though the probe shows blurred evidence, it appears the Skull Taker was dragged off by his forces. (Chaos concedes victory to the Eldar force

I mark this urgent for your eyes Inquisitor, my reasons two fold. First I believe prode X7632 has uncovered an undocumented Eldar Craftworld, second the appearance of Zhufor the Impaler. May the Emperor protect us. ~Tech Adept Gordon

+++++++Inquisitor note, as I always wonder with the Eldar. What are they up to? Is the enemy of my enemy my friend?