Sunday, April 10, 2016

You win some, you lose some...

We have come for you.
It's been a bit since I last posted. After the Big game in February I took a little break from the hobby. I worked every night up to the event on getting stuff done and did a massive amount of work.

I feel if don't put the dice and brushes down it could cause me to burn out and I never want that to happen. So March was largely a non-40K/30K month.

That said, I went to my first ever Adepticon. I wanted to pick up a Night Lords shirt from Forgeworld (an item you can only get at events). I also ordered the newest red book for 30K and some MK4 Night Lord shoulder pads. So, looking forward to that coming from across the pond.

I didn't play in any tournaments but looked around at the armies people brought. Ugh... too many Eldar and Tau! As a long time Eldar player it saddens me to see so many Jetbikes and  Wraithknights. I was happy to see, as I observed the 30K players, no Night Lord armies. I think I'll have to change that next year...

No Talent for Murder here.
After my healthy break though.. back to it! I played two games recently and I'm working on my Master of Signal, hobby wise. My first game was against my friend Jay ( and his Iron Warriors. We played a 30K mission that involved kill points. My Terror Assault was soundly defeated. Jay has always been good at defending and when you play against the Night Lord Terror Assault you know they are coming to you. He had a Medusa with phosphex shells, waiting for me and ouch it hurt. Also charging a unit with Rad Grenades is not wise.

Iron Warriors beat me again, but I have some new ideas on how to deal with him in our next game. The Iron Warriors had two blocks of 20 marine squads backed up by Apothecaries. I need some better ways to deal with those. Not going to post those ideas yet (he may read my blog) but I'll share when I play him again.

Target locked!
My second game was part of D-Company's map campaign we've started post Big Game. Night Lords and Death Guard (40K Nurgle) vs Grey Knights + Knight and Crimson Fists + Knight.

This was a game of firsts. I took my first list not using the Terror Assault rite of war. I wanted to try out something different so I used Pride of the Legion. For you non-30K types this rite allows Veteran Tac Squads and Terminators as troops. The Night Lords and Nurgle allies won in a close game. My Sicaran Venator had it's best game yet (I've used it 5 times so far).

The Sicaran was mostly responsible for destroying the Knight you see in the picture. Hehe.. it was his first time using it in a game. New model syndrome! A squad of Grey Knight terminators also fell to the Venator and a couple hull points off the second Knight. Then it used it's fast-tank status to get line breaker at the end of the game.

Pride of the Legion came into play as my 6 man Atramentar was deadly, killing several Crimson Fists on it's way to contesting their 3 point objective! A move that was largely responsible for Chaos winning the game. I gave both my Vet squads the Sniper rule (seems the most popular choice among players) and they were very effective until a Knight's battle cannon hit them...

Night Lords on the move.
Some final thoughts...
I can't seem to get Sevatar's psychic power to ever go off, is he too reluctant?? In 5 games now he has gotten his power one time. Just once.

I will play more games outside of the Terror Assault Rite of War, Pride of the Legion seems very effective. And while I don't own any yet, more then one heavy support appeals to me.

Battle Cannons hurt.

Ave Dominus Nox