Saturday, July 26, 2014

Purge the Alien?

My 5th game in 7th Edition came on the 4th of July ('Merica!) 2500pts Antaries vs. Guard (or Astra Militarum hehe). And for the first time in a one off game, I broke force organization from 3rd edition! In reading the rule book, you may have as many Combined Arms Detachments as you like so I took two. I don't post lists often, but as this is a first..

Hq- Farseer - rolled Guide/Doom/Eld. St./ Fortune

-- Warlock con/rev emp/en
-- Warlock con/rev emp/en 

T- 9 Dire Avengers + Exarch power weapon/Shield + Wave Serpent

T- 9 Dire Avengers + Exarch power weapon/Shield + Wave Serpent

Hv- Fire Prism

Hv- Fire Prism

Fst- 6 Warp Spiders + Exarch spinneret/Fast shot

El- 5 Wraithguard + Wave Serpent

Hq-Spiritseer - rolled Emp/En Des/Re Con/Rev

Detachment 2

Hq Farseer - rolled Guide/Ex/Doom/Mindwar

T- 15 Guardians + Brightlance

T- 15 Guardians + Brightlance

Hv- Fire Prism

Hv- Wraithlord BL/Sword

Fst - Nightwing 

2493 points

It's not terribly ugly, but it's loaded with killing power. 3 Fire Prism are no joke. There's plenty of Psychic power also with 2 Farseers 2 Warlocks and a Spiritseer. Also notice the Nightwing, most games I play now will include a flyer.
Joe's Guard deploy around the Stargate.
My friend Joe had a list that had plenty of armor, plus two Hydras. I figured my Nightwing wouldn't last too long. We rolled Purge the Alien for our mission. The Guard general battle plan was to walk his bullgryn line towards the Eldar, while advancing chimeras supported their advance. It was a solid plan, but the Eldar had something to say about how effective that plan would be.
Antaries deploy on cover as Guard would go first.
The game was a shooting gallery. Prism cannons, Brightlances, and the Wraithguard would dispatch many of the enemy vehicles. The Dire Avengers and Guardians laid low the ground forces. Having 2 Dooms in an Eldar army is always a nice treat. The Bulgryns had done Joe well in his first game against Chaos. They would not shine as brightly in this game. A sequence of Doom, Guide, Dire Avengers, and Guardians all combined would wipe them from the table.
Large, slow, monkeigh die just the same.

The game ended with about 2 Guard units plus some Psycher units surrounded by the Antaries. All their vehicles smoking husks. A very sound victory for the Eldar. Now will I play 2 combined arms again? Sure, but not with any frequency. Most of my lists will be one if I can help it. Being that my Eldar army is so large (over 8000pts painted now) I can make some nasty lists. Best save them for special occasions. I felt a little bad for Joe. I'm sure he's had enough of the Jink rule to last him. 

In other 7th edition news I purchased the objective cards from my local GW store. Very happy about that as I look forward to playing more games with them. I very much enjoyed my first experience with the cards vs. Marines Errant. The game was close and ever changing per turn.

Ave Dominus Nox!!

Meet Lord Vigo.
While my game play has been Eldar, my modeling and painting has been steady Night Lords. I've modeled 3 troop squads 10 men, a 10 man chosen squad, and a 6 man havoc squad. 6 terminators plus a chaos lord in terminator armor.

My Night Lords have a leader! Vigo the Carpathian. Wearing his terminator suit that once belonged to a Grey Knight. After finishing Aaron Dembski-Bowen's Night Lords omnibus I have a good grasp on their fluff and the Night Lords place in the 40k universe. I like the idea that the Traitors must loot and pillage for their supplies, which means looting the dead enemies they fight. Vigo continues my tradition of named characters taken from cheesy movies. He joins Crom, Vultan, and Captain Gordon. Joining Vigo in the picture are a few more troops I've finished lately. I can't wait to play them in a game, but won't until I can field a painted force. Till next time...