Monday, June 22, 2015

A Legion's slow decent.

There's a lot I really like about the Night Lords. The lightning that adorns their armor and vehicles appeals to me. The Dark blue color scheme. Their story line. They were the Emperor's terror legion, from their perspective they never did anything wrong, well Curze destroying their home world was a bit extreme. They didn't flee into the Eye of Terror. It took an attack by every Ultramarines chapter combined at Tsagulalsa (their base of operations) to finally shatter the legion into it's 40k warband status.

I like the idea that they don't worship anyone, holy or unholy. Though in the 40k universe Chaos can be clever, it is not uncommon for Night Lords to be corrupted. I'd like to play that out slowly, my company's members are slowly being twisted by the dark gods. With that, I present my first Daemon Engine. The Forgefiend.

ehhh, we're ok with some daemons..
I like this kit, it's fun to build and paint. Mine has the two 4 shot st8 ap4 guns, 8 shots at bs3 isn't terrible. I've had some success hitting enemy flyers, and it takes out light armor pretty well. Though in my last game it was blown up turn one by Ork shooting. Oh well, I'm enjoying my punch you in the face Night Lords. they pick a point in the enemy and attack. Much different then my Eldar tactics of take out enemy mobility and then shoot them apart. I get into a lot of close combat with the Night Lords when things are going right. Khorne has noticed that they have taken many skulls and spilled plenty of blood.

Ave Dominus Nox. (Hail the lord of night)