Tuesday, October 30, 2012

6th Edition and Close Combat

Having played several 6th edition games now,
I am noticing a trend. The lack of close combat in my games. I've even played a full game with no assaults at all. Now the question stands: Is this due to game mechanics or my list building?

List wise, I have moved away from assault units in transports. Once a unit could no longer disembark from a transport and charge, I shifted to only shooting units. This even holds more true with transports only allowed a 6 inch move for units to disembark.

Overwatch kills Harlequins!
One thing I've observed is light armored units such as Harlequins with their +5 inv save really take it on the chin. Basically I feel a player must use two units in an assault for these guys to be effective close quarter fighters. Gone are the days that they can charge a medium to larger sized enemy unit solo. They basically, in 6th edition, need a charge partner such as a Wraithlord to take any Overwatch fire. So the Wraithlord charges first, then the unit is locked and cannot Overwatch the second unit (i.e.) Harlequins.

Scorpions are still the class of the Eldar in assault.
Gifted with their +3 Armor, the Striking Scorpion is still the best unit an Eldar player can use in CC. Despite not having Fleet (I expect them to have it when the new codex comes out) 4 attacks on the charge at strength 4 is nothing to sneeze at. Overwatch has much less an effect on a well armored unit, meaning Scorps can still charge a enemy unit solo.

I have never built uber assault Eldar lists. I generally use a couple assault units only in a list.

Thursday, October 11, 2012


welcome to my blog. I'm a fanatic 40k player and avid Eldar player. My goal is to share what I'm doing in the hobby, discuss the rules and share opinion on everything Warhammer 40k. My army has grown quite large these days amassing roughly 8000 points and shows no signs of stopping.

Why Eldar? I learned the game in 3rd edition. The people who introduced me to it all chose Marine armies, so I went a different path. I looked through all the options and the look of the Eldar Falcon model hooked me. Aesthetics play a large part in my interest in armies, basically it has to look good! There are many times that I buy a new model or unit simply because the look is better.

So here we are, I plan to share pictures of what I'm doing and talk about the hobby/game. Hope you enjoy.