Monday, May 4, 2015

First game!

My first 2000pts with the new book.
I took a little jaunt out to Madison to play my friend Mark on Sunday. He's a long time friend who has logged hundreds of games vs. Antaries.
We have played too many to count and it's always a good game.

I decided, of course I would try out the Craftworld Warhost formation. Please excuse my one unpainted model. I haven't used the support weapons since 3rd edition. So I quickly made a D-Cannon battery for the game.

So, my first list for a 2000 point game, here's my army:

Guardian Battle Host 730pts
1 Farseer

10 Defenders + Bright lance + Warlock

10 Defenders + Bright lance + Warlock

10 Defenders + Starcannon + Warlock

1 Vyper + Starcannon + Holo-field

2 Warwalkers + Starcannons

1 D-Cannon support battery

Aspect Host 492pts
5 Fire Dragons + Exarch

6 Warpspiders + Exarch/Spinneret

4 Dark Reapers + Exarch/Missile Launcher

3 Engines of Vaul 480pts
Falcon + Scatter/Cannon/Holo/Stone

Fire Prism + Cannon/Holo/Stone

Fire Prism + Cannon/Holo/Stone

2 Wraith Constructs 290pts
Wraithlord + Sword/Bright lance

Wraithlord + Sword/Bright lance

1992 points 1 core, 6 Auxiliary

I must say I like the new open system of making armies, since 3rd edition I've been playing 1 HQ, 2 troops, ect. Now in 7th edition of the game it's much more open. I've always said the problem with Eldar is they have too many great heavy support choices. And up until 7th, I could only use 3 per army. So things like support batteries or Warwalkers never saw the table. While the Craftworld Warhost limits you in someways such as I'd have to take 3 Crimson Hunters just to get air support, it allowed me to take 8 heavy supports in a Battle Forged list.

Antaries press the early attack.
We rolled the Maelstrom of war mission three. So table halves and increasing cards per turn.

Early on I displayed superior fire power. I focused on his transports stalling the Marines Errant on their side of the table. He still had a flyer to come on the table and a Land speeder. But the early cards went my way and I cut out most of his movement in the first few turns.

I lose Objective Secured but Matchless Agility is pretty sweet. I use Battle Focus quite often so a guarantee of a 6 for every run is nice!

I built up 5 points pretty quickly but the cards left me. Mark was playing tough as usual and roared back with some points of his own. His Marines Errant destroyed the Falcon, a Fire Prism, and both Wraithlords among other things. And a Dreadnaught and Wraithlord had a cinematic battle were they both killed the other in HtH...

Marines Errant hunker down.

The Warpspiders were able to deepstrike deep in his backfield and cause a fair amount of damage including killing Mark's Warlord.

They are pretty interesting as they have flicker jump, warp jump, jet pack, and Battle Focus to all deal with. plus Matchless Agility. Did I mention the Exarch's Iron Will makes the squad essentially Fearless?

Plus, the Aspect Host formation is awesome! I chose to make my 3 Aspects BS +1. The Fire Dragons, Warp Spiders, and Dark Reapers were cold blooded killers at BS5 (Exarchs 6).

Mark's flyer was able to do good damage until it was taken out by the Dark Reaper Exarch. And his deepstrike of a Land speeder proved worthwhile when it took down the Falcon. Ultimatly, the game ended after 6. Antaries 7 victory points, Marines Errant 4. Hard fought, no one wanted to commit to that middle of the battle field.

I was really pleased with this army, every unit contributed in some way. I was disappointed I couldn't get an Appoc blast Eldritch Storm off, I tried. I very much enjoyed my first list with the new codex. I know I'm going to love playing with the Aspects.

- No Wave Serpents or Wraith Guard or Wraith Knights. Take that Internets.