Friday, May 31, 2013

Thought of the Day.

Tomorrow!!!!!! I'm pretty excited to get my hands on the codex. Your army only gets redone rules every once in a great while, might as well enjoy it! I expect a Saturday spent reading (gushing) over the new book. Expect to see my review soon after....

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

More Rumors... Thanks to BOLS

Fire Dragon WS 4 BS 4 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 5 A 1 Ld 9
Fire Dragon Exarch WS 5 BS 5 S 3 T 3 W 1 I 6 A 2 Ld 9
Heavy Aspect Armor (3+)
Fusion Gun
Melta Bombs
Special Rules:
Ancient Doom
Battle Focus
- 5 Dragons 110 points
up to 5 more at 22/model
1 Exarch upgrade 10
Exarch may take Dragon's Breath Flamer for free or Firepike 15pts
Exarch may take up to two of the following exarch powers:
-Iron Resolve 5pts
-Crushing Blow 10pts
-Fast Shot 10pts
May use a Wave Serpent as a Dedicated Transport.

WS4 BS4 S3 T3 W2 I5 A1 Ld8 Sv-
Psyker Lvl 1

Shard of Anabis: combat weapon, +2S Ap- Rending, Vauls Work. 
Vauls Work = bearer has fearless, In challenge bearer has Fleshbane and Instant Death

FireSabre: combat weapon, +1S ap 3 Soulblaze, Wildfire
Wildfire; whenever soulblaze inflicts an unsaved wound it arcs to all units within 6 on the roll of a 6

Spirit Stone of Anath'lan: Allows a Psyker to reduce the cost of a power by 1 warp charge to a minimum of 1, If he does it he can't use the Runic armour's Invunerable save.

Long Rifle: 120" Sx Ap 3 Heavy 1 Sniper

Mantle of the Laughing God: IC loses IC rule but gains Hit and Run, Shrouded and stealth and can reroll failed cover saves

Faolchu Wings: Run up to 48" in the shooting phase, can't shoot, charge into combat or cast shooting psychic powers. reroll failed cover saves until the next turn

Phoenix Gem: When model dies roll a d6, on a 2+ place a large blast marker centred over the model, All units take a number of hits equal to the number of models under the template, a S4 Ap5/3, any unsaved wounds and the model gets back up on one wound, this is a one use only thing.

Ghostwalk Matrix (in a squad this one is on all or none)
Spirit Stones
Star Engines
Vectored Engines
Crystal Targeting Matrix (Basically fire one weapon first to get a hit that will twin-link the rest of the models weapons at the target)

Shuriken Weapons
Bladestorm rule - auto-wounds on a roll to wound of a 6 with AP2. Ranges unchanged.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Well the time has come for Eldar players.. our new codex!!! Soon I will be diving in to a new army book for my beloved Eldar. This is a breakdown of rumors (taken from BOLS)

Most of the rules information can be gathered from the Battle Report section of the White Dwarf. Here is what we know.
  • Wraithknight: Can get Suncanons: S6 AP2 Blast Heavy 3. Twin-linked with Laser Lock if Scatter Lasers hit first. Jump Pack, Monstrous Creature, 6 Wounds, T8, (Scattershield) for Invulnerable Save
  • Crimson Hunter (Fighter): Gets 2 Bright Lances and Pulse Laser : "Basically Four Lascannons" Gets a "Fighter Ace upgrade"
  • The Hemlock (Bomber): Gets D-scythes (Str4) and Mindshock (Morale Check) Pod (Bomb)  Distort Rule (D-Weapons) any penetration roll of 6 auto pens regardless of strength.
  • Psychic Powers: Fortune (Re-roll Saves), Quicken (Increased Movement), Guide (re-roll hits), Restrain (Opposite of Quicken) Two sets of powers accessible.
  • Dire Avengers: Battlefocus: run and shoot in the same turn.
  • Avatar: Fearless bubble, Fleet
  • Wraithblades: T6 Forceshield Generator so invulnerable save
  • Wraithlord: is still T8
The focus of the battle report was of course on the new units, especially the Wraithknight it is almost like GW wants us to buy a certain model or something...
Other little tidbits...
  • Phil Kelly wrote the rules and Adam Troke the fluff.
  • No price yet for Iyanden Supplement
  • Wraithguard can get either Wraithcannon or the D-scythe so this might mean split on rules from the old dex between each weapon.
  • The force organization of Eldar Unit hasn't changed just new models added into slots
  • Wraithknight to Heavy Support
  • Flyers to Fast Attack
  • Wraithblades to Elite
  • Spirit Seer to HQ
  • Named Ranger to HQ
Next up is this list of marketing talking points regarding the codex:

Codex Eldar :
- Craftworld ships will be introduced
- New special rules for many Eldar units. Old Nemesis (Slaanesh) and Battle Trance (running and shooting)
- Multiple exarch abilitys, options and equipment

Wraithknight (heavy support 240 points)
-Strong Profile (S:10 T:8 W:6 AS:3+, Jump-pack
- 2 heavy Phantom lasers (S10 AP 2 instant death on wound rolls of 6)
- Alternative equipment possible - for example close combat weapons with a 5+ invul and blind special rule or a S:6 5" Blast with AP2. with 5+ invul and blind special rule.

Somach Phantomhunter (fast attack 185 points)
- Psyker with the terrify psychic power
- 2 blast weapons with ap 2
- Enemy units within 12" have to reroll succesful ld tests.

Crimson Hunters (fast attack 160 points)
- New Aspect warriors with strong Exarch upgrades
- May reroll armor pen rolls against flyers
- Vector dancer

Wraithguard /Wraithblades (elite 160 points 5 models)
- Strong profile with S5 T 6 as 3+
- Wraithblades got 2 close combat weapons with AP3 and +1 S or can get a 4+ invul with a single AP2 weapon
- Runeseer can mark targets, every wraith unit can reroll missed to hit rolls of 1 against marked targets.
- If you select a runeseer as HQ, they become troops

Ililic Nightspear (hq 140 points)
- Alaitoc character that allows ranger units the Pathfinder upgrade.
- Has 9 special rules - one of them allows ranger units to infiltrate without the range restrictions to enemy units.
- BS:9 S:X AP2 instant death on wound rolls of 6
Other new releases for Eldar
Phantomseer, Runeprophet and cards for psychic powers.:
- 3 different kinds of psykers (Seer council, Phantomseer, Runeprophet)
- Divination, Telepathy and 2 new Eldar psychic disciplines: Runes of Battle andRunes of Fate (for Rune prophet and Runeseer respectively)
- Runes of Battle have always 2 effects, for example granting Shrouding or taking Shrouding off the enemy unit.
-Runes of Fate : 4 warpcharges, 2 powers, very strong and offensive