Thursday, October 29, 2015

Games played.

This past weekend was a small Con in Illinois called What-Con. It's always well attended by D-Company members. The Con is nothing like Gen-Con but it has it perks like the Bits Guy comes to it. I was able to score 2 Landspeeders for my 30K army for $40, all I have to do is repaint them. And get rid of the Imperial eagles... I also purchased 2 Drop pods on E-bay for $60, also already assembled. I have my eye on the Horus Heresy box coming out in November. With that, I'll have a good amount of my 30K Night Lords.

Orks protect their tires.
The main reason I go though is games. I played two games, 3000pts Night Lords vs Orks and in a battle of cheese.. 3500pts Eldar vs Necrons. My friday game was against my friend Joe and his Orks lead by Orkamungus. We played a generic Maelstrom game where each player could have a max of 5 cards per turn. Mungus likes tires for some reason, so in the narrative the Night Lords plus their Emperors Children allies were there to defile tires.

The Orks spread out across their deployment, largely Shootaboys, a Zapgun squad, Lootas, and Nobs. I chose to deploy away from the Zapguns, this made them largely ineffective all game long. I deployed my 3 Rhinos with the 3 Claws in them plus 2 squads of Noise Marines concentrated on the right of the Ork deployment. I can tell you Noise weapons were very effective against Orks in cover. Blastmasters did major damage. So do Grot Bombs unfortunately.

Night Lords advance on the Ork position. 
Random tidbit.. Since my Forgefiend was painted, it has not lived past two turns. This game did not change that trend. The overall game was very close. I don't think either player lead by more then 3.
Easily the Chaos hero of the day was Voltan, commander of the former 5th company of the Emperors Children.

I don't usually show unpainted models but these guys rocked!
Voltan is a Chaos lord with wings (hence his name, think Flash Gordon) a power weapon and a Plasma pistol. I had him lead a squad of Raptors. Fear tests were effective as Joe failed two. Voltan was rewarded twice by the Dark Powers, the best of those being toughness 5.

 The Bleeding Eyes and Voltan killed 3 full squads of Orks. Probably responsible for the deaths of about 60 some Orks. They started at the bottom of Mungus' condo and worked their way up.

The Bleeding Eyes (Raptors) have the mark of Khorne so they get +2 attacks on a charge instead of the usual +1. Add the fact that Voltan is a Chaos Lord with the mark of Slaanesh or int. 6, for rundowns, and you get a pretty nasty unit.

As I had said, this game was well contested and thanks to random game length it went the full 7 turns. Final score Chaos-18 Orks-17 this game was fought as part of D-Company's map campaign at B 20 vs 28 on False Hope.

Next post.... two of the strongest codex in 7th edition. Eldar vs. Necrons