Sunday, February 28, 2016

Big Game recap... first games of 30K!

Terror Squad
Well.... last weekend was D-Company's Big Game. A weekend of gaming, drinking, and general frivolity. I forgot batteries for my camera so I will just show some of my newly completed models.

I was able to play 3 games. The Big Game was a hex based, map campaign that was broken down into three factions: Imperials, Chaos, and Xenos teams. Players picked a spot on the map to fight over and the winner claimed hexes for their team if they won. The event was set up very free form, so you could play as little or as much as you liked.

My First game was my first true 30K game as I played 3000pts. against the Iron Warriors. We played a 30K mission, and because we were both Chaos forces, this game had no bearing in the map campaign. Jay and I decided our forces would have a little tussle before we left for Doric-ar1 (the planet the Big Game took place at).

This was a very close game, which ultimately went the way of the Iron Warriors. The game was based on two objectives and then kill points. It turned out a deep strike mishap from my Land Speeders was the difference as Jay won by a single kill point! Some highlights:

Perturabo and his body guard killed Curze for his first death on the table top. Jay very smartly took 3 wounds off Curze in shooting before engaging him in HtH. (consider my Primarch cherry popped)

The Terror Squads preformed very well. Apothecaries in each squad were very useful.

The Iron Warrior Destroyer Squad did very well, that is a damn fine squad.

The King of Terrors.
My next game was against the Marines Errant 3000pts. After the Night Lords little scrape with the Iron Warriors they moved on to Doric-ar1. We also played 3000pts. but the game went late (3am) so the details are a bit fuzzy. We fought over terrain pieces and the fact we both had things coming on from reserve in many ways: deep strike, drop pods, out flank, ect... it was a very dynamic game. This also marked my first 30K vs. 40K game.

This was Konrad's most deadly game. He killed a rhino, razorback, the Captain of the Marines Errant, a Librarian and several marines.

Sevatar killed Thad Allen(Marines Errant character Mark had created) in a challenge.

Again the Terror Squads performed extremely well.

I believe the game went 3 to 1 Night Lords.

The Prince of Crows

My final game took place on Saturday. 5000pts. of Night Lords joined Word Bearers and a general Chaos warband in a huge game against the Guard (with two Warhounds and a Reaver) Flesh Terrors, and Space Wolves.

This game was a blast. Highlighted by a turn were my Lightning Strike Fighter (with Kraken missiles) and two Multi-melta Land Speeders took 11 hull points off the Reaver in one turn!
Curze and Sevatar both killed Imperial assassins. (foolish loyalists, it was not Konrad's time to die)

I really enjoy the challenge of fighting against Titans, it always makes for a memorable gaming experience. I was a bit disappointed this game only went 4 turns but we had to call it so hex points could be tallied to determine the over all faction winner. Chaos took the game, and Chaos took the overall win in the Big Game. I was very happy to be a part of the victory as our win in the Saturday game gave Chaos the overall victory for the weekend.

I was voted best overall general (my first time at a Big Game). In map games I was 2-0. And had a large hand in the final victory that brought Chaos Big Game 2016 glory.

I kept track of Curze's kills for the whole weekend. They were as follows: 14 Iron Warriors, Marines Errant Rhino, Marines Errant Razorback, 5 man Marines Errant tac squad, Errant Captain, Errant Librarian, 12 Space Wolves, and a Eversor Assassian.

Not to shabby for the father of the Night Lords....

It was nice to just be a player and not in charge of the Big Game (like I was last year). We had over 20 players show up. And to get three games in was great! Look for more pictures of my finished models in future posts. I love the Night Lords Terror Assault rite of war and to be able to play with rules for my Legion is awesome. (listen up GW!)

Ave Dominus Nox.