Thursday, January 29, 2015


So Sevatar is up for preorder. I bought him and 3 sets of Night Lords Rhino doors. He is one of the coolest characters I've read in the Horus Heresy book series. By the way, I'm reading Vengeful Spirit by Graham McNeil right now.

So the Prince of Crows..  First Captain of the Night Lords, considered one of the finest close combat fighters in all the legions. Also really enjoyable to read about.

"Malithos looked at his brothers in raw disbelief for a moment, before tilting his head at the first captain ' Are you mad, Sevatar?'

'No I feel fine'

'How would you try to stop us?' asked Var Jahan

'I'd kill you of course. What kind of question is that? But lets hope it doesn't reach that point. Emotions run high, and my spear is all the way over there.'

I'll use him as a chaos lord or sorcerer in 40k, I do plan a 30k Night Lord force..

A last thought on his storyline, Sevatar is not dead yet in the HH storyline, though his primarch has said he will die in battle. Heh, not much of a clue there, I think there maybe a clue in the picture above. Notice the White Scar at his base, my guess is Sevatar meets his end at the battle of terra. He talks in the story of going there after the Thramas Crusade. I don't buy the theory that he his one of the first Grey Knights. If you read his stories, he is VIII to his core. Much like Talos. Much like Talos I think his author will kill him. Though I doubt it will be Jain Zar, the Banshee Phoenix lord, who kills Sevatar.

It's a very cool looking model, I look forward to painting it.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Atramentar Finished

We have come for you.
Ahhhh finished, my lovely Atramentar. For those not familiar with Night Lord lore, those would be the elite body guard of the lord.

They are well armed, 4 combi-meltas a reaper auto cannon and of course the champion has twin lightning claws. There are also 2 chainfists and a powerfist. They pack a pretty good punch. I'm happy with how they turned out. Chaos Terminators are a lovely kit. But a real effort to paint. So much little detail in the models...

Now that these guys are done, I think I might move on to something easier like the 6 man Havoc squad. This army is really starting to come together, dare I say they may end up looking better then my Eldar.. I look forward to getting at least 1500pts painted by next month's Big Game. Until my next post...

Ave Dominus Nox.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Happy New Year

Awesome Book!
I've been busy planning the D-Company Big Game, finishing another semester of school, life flies by sometimes. Santa was kind, bringing me Imperial Armor 13. It's a must have for any Chaos player. Game wise, I've played about 5 games since I last posted. Though I tried to not play Night Lords till they were painted, I couldn't resist getting my hands dirty. I'm still feeling things out going 2-3. It's about finding that balance of weapons, I've already bought a 3rd rhino for my troops. The 10 man Raptor squad is modeled and ready to be primed. Paint wise I'm working on the last three Terminators. So many little details on the Chaos Terminator models... I'm looking forward to some easier models as next on my list are the Havocs and the 3rd troop squad.

Planning a large battle- For those who have never tried, running a large event takes a lot of effort. The Big Game is our gaming groups main event of the year. Players come from out of state to play so there is plenty of pressure to make sure it is a game that is well planned out. There will be about 15 players on a large board that numbers 12 tables at least 4 x 6 each.

The kind of game I've always wanted to play involves each player having their own objectives, I feel there is more individual joy in playing your own little small part in a larger battle.

We aren't using Apocalypse rules. I feel 7th edition gives us players a good enough template of force organization. The players are allowed 5000pts. Battleforged or Unbound. The ability to add detachments basically means one can reach 5000pts. pretty easily. The players are allowed formations and superheavy units.

There are two structures restricting units from entering the table. A com tower controlling a drone network that, while active, prevents all physical entry by air to the table. So Flyers, jump packs, wings. The shield generator stops all forms of teleportation or summoning. Examples being Terminators, Warp Spiders, or Daemons. Certain players will have to control these objectives before those units may enter the game.

Besides assigning missions, a GM must make sure the sides have relative balance. Placing the players on the overall table so that they are not severely disadvantaged by distance needed to travel or too many enemy commanders near by.

Each player will get a primary, secondary, overall team mission, plus a secret extra credit mission. They will receive general intel into their specific placement on the board and their missions. On the day before the game they will get their full mission packet. Only then will they specifically know how they will be judged.

This isn't an objective game or a game that will be counted by "points" When the game ends, Mark, who is helping develop the Big Game with me, and myself will judge each player on how well they performed in achieving their missions.

My thoughts on Imperial Armor 13- As I said above I think it's a must have for any Chaos player. Along with plenty of Horus Heresy vehicles there are Greater Daemons, rules for cool vehicle upgrades such as being a vet. of the Siege of Vraks... As I really want a Night Lords Contemptor Dreadnaught, there are now rules to use it in 40k, which is great. The Renegades and Heretics army list has some quirkiness to it's rules but on the whole a fantastic book.

Back to work. I'm building terrain, painting, all the while working on Night Lords. I'll try to have more frequent posts with what I'm up to. Happy New Year gamers.