Thursday, November 5, 2015

Games played part two

3500 pts. Eldar vs. Necrons.

I have to admit, I was really looking forward to this. Two of the most powerful armies in 7th edition of 40K. My opponent AJ has whooped me two times in a row. But I hadn't played Necrons in their newest codex. And he hadn't played this codex of the Eldar.

3500pts allows plenty of treats for both of us. I had heard of the Decurion formation but I was confident I was bringing a very strong army with the Craftworld Warhost.

We decided on the old purge the alien mission which was straight kill points. AJ didn't want cards involved in the out come of these two armies clashing, I agreed. The game was played on nice board made up of canyon-like pieces and blue water. We decided the water was only ankle deep and ignored it. But the terrian made for some cool cinematic moments of skimmers flying though canyons and such.

Antaries, ready for battle.
I used a Guardian Battle Host, Aspect Host, Dire Avenger Shrine, AJ had smaller formations within his overall army as well. I'm sorry, I'm not well versed enough in Necrons to share them here.

Necrons got the first turn and the dice started rolling. He focused on Wraithlords (heh, they always do, don't they Eldar players?) as well as Karandras and the Scorpion squad who infiltrated. I tried to take out the Necron mobility. Sadly he was much more successful then I was.

I should have known when I unleashed an Appoc Eldrich Storm and only killed 2 Necron warriors that this wasn't going to go well.

The Necrons were too tough. My army is loaded with ap 2 guns yet I think I managed to kill about 4 units. Now, early on (turns 1-3) I rolled terribly for damage vs his vehicles. But his main Necrons seemed to have rolls upon rolls to save him from death. I doomed a squad, and fired at it with a D-Cannon, Fire Prism, and 2 squads of Dire Avengers (BS 5) and a squad of Dark Reapers (BS 5), and I could not remove them from the table!

Necrons imposed their will everywhere on the table.
The Necron army was built around large expensive units lead by characters, my problem is I couldn't kill them with Eldar shooting. It seemed like every roll he made got a re-roll for some reason. And it's not as if I was relying on one unit vs one unit shooting. I was using my speed to do my usual combining of Eldar fire all on the target I wanted eliminated, it just didn't work. I'm not saying the Eldar codex can't beat the Necron codex. But the way I play Eldar, Dire Avengers and Guardians killing infantry with small arms fire... can't beat the Necron formation. This was best illustrated in a sequence were I did 8 ap2 wounds on a unit of Necrons and scored zero kills. They just won't die.

The battle in the sky.
As any Eldar player knows, slowly your forces wither away if you face mass shooting. And the Antaries force did just that. We didn't bother to tally the kill point total. Necrons won the game easily.

I think I made a mistake in the way I deployed and used Karandras and his squad, I could have rolled much better. But in the battle of two of the best codex in 40K, I give it to the Necrons.
The "will be back" roll augmented the way it is within the codex rules is really tough to beat with a shooting army. AJ said close combat armies do much better, and maybe that is true. 

But my shooty Eldar got it handed to them for the first time since I played with the latest version of the Eldar codex. And I am 0-3 vs the Necrons in my last 3 games against them. Cheers to AJ, he crushed me again.

Over all it was a great weekend, as games get more sparse the older I get, they become more to be cherished for the enjoyment I get while playing.