Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New Recruits!

This guy.
Making progress on my Big Game 2016 army. I finished the first Contemptor Dreadnought. Really, a cool kit put out by Forgeworld. I magnetized the arms below the shoulder so I could switch out the weapons if I so desire. But I think 2 Kheres pattern assault cannons are going to do the trick nicely. At the very least you can always use bullet magnets right?

Also I finished my third Rhino. This one has Forgeworld Night Lord doors. I am pretty pleased with how it looks.

I'm working on a 10 man squad of Raptors now. Base coat and highlight dry brush completed. Though, I still have lots to do before mid February. We are talking 30 Terror Squad, 2 Land Speeders, 3 Drop pods, Curze, Sevatar, a Sicaran Battle Tank... My games played is on hold right now. Too much work to do!

No clues we would go traitor.