Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Your tires will Burn!

Grot guns hide amoungst the tires.
Orkamungus loves tires. He loves them so much he collects them on his homeworld and devotes all of his Ork hordes towards acquiring even more tires!

To what purpose? Only my friend Joe knows.

He was kind enough to have me over for a game. My Night Lords vs his Orks. 2500pts per side. The theme of the game was simple, Mungus loves his tires, if the Night Lords win

His precious tires burn.

The VIII establish a position.
We played a maelstrom of war game. As part of D-Company's map campaign. It seemed only right that the Orks defend. I brought a Terror Assault with Sevatar. I'm currently finishing painting on my Terror Squads. Once I'm done with those, I'll paint the Preator I made. For now though Sevatar leads my army most games. After my initial plunge with Curze, I had to try him out.. He now is reserved for only special occasions much like the Phoenix Lords of the Eldar. I firmly believe the big boys only appear in big events.

This Terror squad is in trouble.
The Orks fared well early on. Terror Assault yielded only one turn of night fight. This was my first game with the upgraded +5 from the shadows, and talent for murder.

I sent one Terror squad to deal with 4 Grot Bombers, two were able to fire. (I hate those things in power armor (st8 ap3 large blast)!!).

Another hit the rear of the Ork mob. Their fate would be sealed when a Nob squad disembarked right next to them. Despite having an apothecary, and a sargeant who wielded a Nostroman Chainglaive, they would all fall.

But on the other side of the battle. Things were looking Good.

Sevatar brings the Atramentar.
I was racking up points due to the cards. Sevatar used his ability to call down terminators in support of veteran tac squads. When Joe failed a charge against them, his fate was sealed. The Night Lords used their talent for murder very well by killing the Ork Warboss and Nobs in decisive fashon. Sevatar insta-kills in challenges. Nostroman Chainglaives are very effective against Nobs it turns out. As long as your side outnumbers.... which I did. The Orks conceded after 4 turns.

That's the Night Lords in the middle, red dots.

The update to the VIII seems very powerful, hitting on +2's is very nasty. Heh, in the entire game...only Kharn and the 30K Night Lords can do that!

Summer disclaimer. These few months of warmth tend to be when  I spend the least amount of time on the hobby and the game. Updates will be sporadic.

Ave Dominus Nox.