Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bloody Bones

Ahhh, trooper are you in need of assistance?
I completed my version of The fallen Primus Medicae, Flaymaster Mawdrym Llansahai. Or "Bloody Bones" as his Legion named him. With a name like that no wonder he has a nickname!

The model is formed from a bunch of bits I have collected.

The Flaymaster was the Primus Medicae for the Night Lords until it was discovered he was conducting unsanctioned surgical experiments.

In my opinion, he is the perfect example of Forgeworld doing characters right. While he adds slight benefit to the army, his rules are very fluff driven. He's an HQ choice but can never lead the army as"even the Night lords have their limits of toleration for madness".
He rerolls his failed Feel No Pain and look out sir rolls because "he has survived both enemy action and attempts on his life by his comrades, seemingly often by sheer chance alone".

On the left shoulder of the model was what I assumed to be oaths of the moment. I painted them flesh colored with some Blood for the Blood God to give more of an idea that those were taken from some of his favorite victims. Speaking of taken, I like to think the Purity Seals adorning the model are a collection of those the Flaymaster has taken off of Astartes he "helped" on the battle field.

On the table top, I do see some value to using Bloody Bones. He's fearless, which of course extends to any unit he joins. Plus, his Narthecium gives Feel No Pain making him an excellent candidate to lead a 20 man Tactical Squad. Also, being an HQ special character choice means a Night Lord player using the rite of war Terror Assault (as I often do) gets a second council choice in the army, (Terror Assault limits the player to one Council choice).

I'm pleased with how he turned out, my only complaint is couldn't the game developers have given him a name easier to pronounce?

Ave Dominus Nox.


  1. This guy is great. I love the smooth look to the vulkite pistol (?) and that the narthecium is a big suction tube.

    I always thought it should be a larger instrument than a wrist-mounted dremel tool.

  2. Thanks, it's an Archaeotech Pistol, since I don't know what they look like.. I used an old Dark Eldar splinter pistol from my bits.