Friday, August 5, 2016

Sometimes it's better to be lucky then good

Flesh Terrors!
On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of taking on some 40K Flesh Terrors, fielded by a buddy named Chuck. My group is slowly getting into 30K, as a result I play most of my games against 40K armies these days. D-Company as a group has always been open to Forgeworld units and armies.

The game was part of our summer campaign on Doric-ar1. 2000pts per side. We made up a mission based on 5 objectives being D3 victory points each. Plus Slay the Warlord and First Blood.

The game had a odd start, Chuck seized the initiative with a 6 and went first. I rolled my +2 for Terror assault Night Fight and he proceeded to immobilize his Land Raider and kill two bikes via dangerous terrain rolls before I had ever fired a shot. If that is the way it goes when people seize on me, I'm ok with that!

The First Captain did his killing.
Chuck built himself a strong list. Mortars, a Xiphon interceptor, Terminators, Assault squad, some flamer Predator and bikes. I made a big mistake sending my first 2 Terror squads against the Mortars. T7 was too much for my Volkite chargers. Chuck had the better of killing though Sevatar was quite deadly.
The Xiphon is a great model. 
I was finally able to roll Sevatar's psychic power successfully, 3 Times! I'm still not sure it's properly balanced but this may be do to playing against a lot of 40K armies which tend to have more psychers. Chuck did not have a psycher in his Flesh Terrors list.

Sevatar and his Vet, squad took care of some infiltrators and strategically avoided (ran from) the Flesh Terror dread.. and eventually secured an objective. To even the playing field a bit, we have been using 40K objective securing rules for both sides.

Terror Squad survived the mortars.
On the other end of the table 2 of my 3 Terror Squads died hard to Flesh Terror fire. The decision to attack the Mortars was a very bad one. Though the third squad survived the bombardments to claim the Night Lords second objective.

Chuck scored first blood and secured one objective for himself. I feel I was lucky to roll a 2 on the random game length roll. I strongly felt I would lose this game if it went another turn. Sometimes the dice are with you.

The final tally was Night Lords 6 VP Flesh Terrors 3.

Current state of Doric-ar1
Red=Chaos Blue=Imperials Green=Xenos

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